Aspose.3D for Java 20.6 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

 Key Summary Category
THREEDNET-676   Added circle curve   New feature 
THREEDNET-676   Added ellipse curve   New feature 
THREEDNET-676   Added trimmed curve   New feature 
THREEDNET-676   Added composite curve   New feature 
THREEDNET-686   Provided support of .NET framework 5.0 in Aspose.3D for .NET   Enhancement 
THREEDNET-680   Export curves to glTF/A3DW   Enhancement 
THREEDNET-675   Fixed DAE file not properly converted to glTF   Bug 
THREEDNET-682   Exception on Aspose.Total licenses using Aspose.3D 20.5   Bug 
THREEDNET-685   Fixed the incorrect lighting rendering   Bug 
THREEDNET-687   Exception on loading GLB files   Bug