Aspose.3D for Java 21.4 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

Key Summary Category
THREEDNET-864 Implement FileStream property for Texture Class to load image from a stream Improvement
THREEDNET-867 Large obj file take a lot of time to load Improvement
THREEDNET-865 Add Autodesk Navisworks compatible material for RVM format Improvement
THREEDNET-874 Add support of latest RVM format. Improvement
THREEDAPP-94 Improved web renderer loading performance Improvement
THREEDNET-851 Allow use external implementation of Draco encoder. Improvement
THREEDNET-876 Improve builtin Draco encoder/decoder performance. Improvement
THREEDNET-862 Converted glb file cannot be opened by 3rd party tools. Bug fix
THREEDNET-863 Conversion from USDZ to STL fails Bug fix
THREEDNET-866 FBX to gltf/glb ExportException : Object’s type Aspose.ThreeD.Utilities.Vector3is not supported Bug fix
THREEDNET-873 Collada exported by Frosty Suite cannot be imported. Bug fix
THREEDNET-872 Collada exported by blender/lego tool cannot be imported. Bug fix
THREEDNET-871 Some Zipped 3D files cannot be opened by Aspose.3D Bug fix
THREEDNET-869 Some STL files are not recognized Bug fix
THREEDAPP-114 Binary STL files without an explicit binary header cannot be opened. Bug fix

API changes

This version is mainly a bug-fix version, fixed a lot of bugs, and improved a lot of compatibility issues and performances for FBX, Collada, STL, obj, drc, gltf, glb.

Only a few minor API changes.

Added new property in class com.aspose.threed.GltfSaveOptions:

     * Use external draco encoder to accelerate the draco compression speed.
    public String getExternalDracoEncoder();
     * Use external draco encoder to accelerate the draco compression speed.
     * @param value New value
    public void setExternalDracoEncoder(String value);

Aspose.3D for java 21.4 has twice performance improvement for Draco than old versions, but the Google’s official implementation that was written in C++ is still faster, so we enable user to use external Draco encoder for better performance.

Sample code to use external official encoder to accelerate the compressed GLB generation:

        var mesh = new Sphere();
        var scene = new Scene(mesh);
        var opt = new GltfSaveOptions(FileFormat.GLTF2__BINARY);
        opt.setDracoCompression(true);"test.glb", opt);