Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports 17.11 - Release notes

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Key Summary Category
BARCODENET-36687 Support to define settings “segments per row” Feature
BARCODENET-36635 Ability generate a postal barcode with specified height Enhancement
BARCODENET-36667 Remove Obsolete public API Enhancement
BARCODENET-36706 Make consistent .NET Compact and Full Framework API Enhancement
BARCODENET-36551 BarCode text alignment is not correct with Compact Framework Bug
BARCODENET-36586 EAN13 barcode is not generating correct barcode image when using compact framework Bug
BARCODENET-36624 Image has 3 Code39Standard barcodes in it, Aspose.BarCode is recognizing only 1 barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36628 UPC-A barcode is not generating correct barcode image when using compact framework Bug
BARCODENET-36629 Aspose.Barcode is not generating correct UPC-E barcode image when using compact framework Bug
BARCODENET-36632 yDimension property doesn’t work Bug
BARCODENET-36637 Incorrect recognition type for Code93Standard barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36638 Can’t recognize DatabarStacked code Bug
BARCODENET-36639 Incorrect recognition type for DatabarTruncated barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36641 Unable to get the supplement code text from EAN13 coded barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36650 Generates incorrect barcode for EAN14 Bug
BARCODENET-36651 Incorrect recognition type for GS1Code128 barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36678 Generates incorrect barcode for DatabarLimited Bug
BARCODENET-36676 Generation DatabarExpandedStacked isn’t correct Bug
BARCODENET-36666 Can’t recognize Pharmacode with AllSupportedTypes Bug
BARCODENET-36661 Can’t recognize second barcode (DatabarExpandedStacked) Bug
BARCODENET-36660 Aspose.Barcodes 17.06 BarCodeReader does not recognize a barcode types on .gif image format Bug
BARCODENET-36659 Aspose.BarCode is unable to detect barcode in BMP format image whereas the same is working if in JPEG format image Bug
BARCODENET-36657 Generates incorrect barcode for UPCE Bug
BARCODENET-36656 Incorrect default height of Pharmacode Bug
BARCODENET-36655 Incorrect recognition type for MacroPdf417 barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36694 Incorrect text in picture for DatabarStacked Bug
BARCODENET-36681 Recognition result isn’t correct for DatabarExpandedStacked Bug
BARCODENET-36679 Unable to recognize DatabarStacked barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36688 Index was out of range exception when try to recognize barcode from PDF Bug
BARCODENET-36701 Incorrect DatabarLimited generation/recognition Bug
BARCODEJAVA-383 Aspose.BarCode API is working strange with license file Bug
BARCODENET-36705 Aspose.BarCode is detecting barcode from image that has no barcode on it Bug
BARCODENET-36702 Recognized incorrect Supplement barcode Bug
BARCODENET-36700 Aspose.BarCode is unable to recognize DataMatrix barcodes on a TIFF image Bug
BARCODENET-36695 Aspose.BarCode is detecting more barcodes than present in PDF file Bug
BARCODENET-36675 Reading barcode from PDF is returning garbage along with required output Bug