Aspose.BarCode for Android via Java 21.6

All Changes

Key Summary Category
BARCODEANDROID-454 Investigate and find solution for the large images processing Enhancement
BARCODENET-37797 Remove Databar14 split pattern generation code Enhancement
BARCODENET-37789 Generated DataBar Expanded images are not recognized by other engines Bug
BARCODENET-37783 Cannot read QR code image in the PDF file Bug
BARCODENET-37778 The QR code recognition of certain image throws Exception Bug
BARCODENET-37784 Certain image cannot be recognized Bug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  • Added method com.aspose.barcode.barcoderecognition.QualitySettings.setImageScalingMode(ImageScalingMode)
  • Added method com.aspose.barcode.barcoderecognition.QualitySettings.getImageScalingMode():ImageScalingMode
  • Added enum ImageScalingMode
  • Added enum values ImageScalingMode.WITHOUT_SCALE ImageScalingMode.SCALE_800x600 ImageScalingMode.SCALE_1280x720 ImageScalingMode.SCALE_1920x1080