Optimize Scan - Barcode Java API

Optimized Scan

Pinpointing Barcode

  • SymbologyType setting. If the barcode type is unknown, try not to pass the symbology type (BarCodeReadType) to the constructor. Instead, recognize separately.
  • The BarCodeReader class’ internal optimization schema sacrifices accuracy for speed if the symbology type is not specified in the constructor.

Speed Up

  • Reduce image size. Larger images will lead to a longer processing time.

Switch Barcode Recognition Modes According to the Requirement

Aspose.BarCode for Java provides the recognition modes that can help the developers to quickly set up and tune the processing speed and quality in a way which is the most appropriate for the application needs.

  • Hight Performance QualitySettings.HighPerformance HighPerformance recognition quality preset. High-quality barcodes are recognized well in this mode.
  • Hight Quality QualitySettings.HighQuality HighQuality recognition quality preset. This preset is developed for low-quality barcodes.
  • Max Barcodes QualitySettings.MaxBarCodes MaxBarCodes recognition quality preset. This preset is developed to recognize all possible barcodes, even incorrect barcodes.
  • Normal Quality QualitySettings.NormalQuality Normal quality recognition quality preset. Suitable for most of the barcodes.

Quality Settings Example

The following code snippet shows how to switch the barcode recognition modes:

Using Manual Hints to Optimize Scan

Below is a code sample that turns off rotation algorithms and increases the recognition speed.

Note: It is available only for Datamatrix and the linear barcodes.