How to Run Aspose.BarCode Examples

Software Requirements

The following requirements need to be fulfilled before downloading and running the code samples of Aspose.BarCode for .NET applications.

  1. Visual Studio vesrion 2010 or later
  2. The latest API version of NuGet Package Manager installed in Visual Studio. Details on how to install NuGet package manager can be found here. Then, it is necessary to verify the NuGet Package Manager activation. To do this, go to Tools->Options->NuGet Package Manager->Package Sources: the option must be checked
  3. The project with available examples relies on the NuGet Automatic Package Restore feature. Therefore, active Internet connection is necessary. If it is unavailable on the machine, where examples are to be executed, please see in Installation how to add a reference to Aspose.BarCode.dll to the example project manually.

Download from GitHub

All code examples available for Aspose.BarCode for .NET are hosted on GitHub. The project with examples has been created in Visual Studio 2013; however, the solution file is compatible with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and later.
To work with it, the following step should be executed:

  • Either clone the repository using a preferred GitHub client or download the ZIP file from here
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file to any folder on the computer. All examples are located in Examples folder
  • Check the file with the Visual Studio solution, Aspose.BarCode.Examples.CSharp.sln, in the folder
  • Open the solution file in Visual Studio and build a new project
  • Upon the first run, the dependencies will be downloaded automatically through NuGet
  • Check Data folder at the root of Examples that contains input files used in code examples. You must download the Data folder together with the example project
  • Open RunExamples.cs file: all examples can be called from here
  • Uncomment the examples to be run within the project

In case of any issues with setting up or running code examples, reach out to **Technical Support Forums**.


If you wish to add or improve a code example, we encourage you to contribute to the project. All examples and showcase projects provided in this repository are open source and can be freely used in your applications.

To contribute, you can fork the repository, edit the source code, and create a pull request. We will review the changes and include them in the repository if we find them helpful.