Integrate with Visual Studio.NET

It’s always pretty handy for the Visual Studio.NET developers to drag controls from Toolbox and drop on either Windows Forms or WebForms. Aspose.BarCode is available to download in two versions:

  • Installer Version
  • DLL Version

If developers download a DLL Version of Aspose.BarCode and they are also willing to add Aspose.BarCode controls in their Visual Studio.NET Toolbox then they should follow the steps below:

Aspose.barcode Integration with MS Visual Studio.NET

Locating Add Or Remove Items Option

Do the following,

  1. Open your Toolbox.
  2. Click the General tab (or any other desired tab where to add controls).
  3. Right-click your mouse button under the General tab.
  4. You will see a popup menu to appear with some options.
  5. Click Add/Remove Items option from the menu.

Loading Framework Component Dialog

  • After you select Add/Remove Items option from the menu, a Customize Toolbox Dialog would appear before you.
  • Click Browse… button to locate the Aspose.BarCode DLL.

Locating and Adding Library

  • Locate the Aspose.BarCode DLL where you have installed or copied it in your computer system.
  • Once you find the Aspose.BarCode DLL, select the DLL and then press the Open button.

Including Controls in Toolbox

  1. After you press the Open button, you would see that Customize Toolbox Dialog would contain controls from Aspose.BarCode.
  2. The newly added controls from Aspose.BarCode would be highlighted by the Dialog.
  3. Just press the OK button to add these newly added controls in your Visual Studio.NET Toolbox.

Using the Added Control

Now, you can see the Aspose.BarCode controls added to the General tab of Toolbox as shown in the figure below. You would notice that only BarCodeWebControl is NOT Active. It is because we are working on a Windows Forms application. BarCodeWebControl is only available when you are working on WebForms whereas BarCodeControl can be used with Windows Forms only.