Specific Parameters for 2D Barcodes

Hiding Barcode Text that Is Too Long to Display

Unlike one-dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional ones often contain a large amount of data as they have been introduced exactly to address such a need. This human-readable barcode text does not require to be printed out as it does not undergo machine scanning. Therefore, it may be necessary to hide the contents of the CodeText property for 2D barcodes in cases when the text is too long to be displayed on a barcode label.

Hiding Barcode Text

The following code snippet demonstrates how to hide the contents of the CodeText property.

Hiding CodeText Contents

Reducing the Font Size of CodeText

The code sample provided below illustrates how to reduce the font size of CodeText contents.

Adjusting 2D Barcode Label Size

The size of a barcode label depends on many factors. Mainly, the following settings affect the size of the resulting image:

  • Metrics
  • Resolution: higher resolution will lead to a larger image size on the same screen or printer
  • GraphicsUnit: all settings can be based on millimeters or inches
  • AutoSize: setting this property to “False” will result in fixing the size of image as ImageWidth * ImageHeight. In this case, an oversized barcode (in the case when CodeText contents are too long) will be out of the frame
  • ImageWidth: only valid when AutoSize is set to “False
  • ImageHeight: only valid when AutoSize is set to “False
  • Margins: only valid when AutoSize is set to “True”. It indicates the marginal area of a barcode label itself. This setting could be overridden by CaptionAbove and CaptionBelow. In this case, when AutoSize is set to “True”, and the value of Margins is not large enough to display the contents of CaptionAbove or CaptionBelow, then the marginal area will expand automatically
  • CaptionAbove: is based on the settings of CaptionAbove.Visible, CaptionAbove.Space, and CaptionAbove.Font
  • CaptionBelow: is based on the settings of CaptionBelow.Visible, CaptionBelow.Space, and CaptionBeow.Font
  • Core barcode label
  • XDimension: each (1D) black bar’s or (2D) module’s width
  • Rows: the number of (2D) module rows
  • Columns: the number of (2D) module columns
  • AspectRatio: the ratio of YDimension/XDimension
  • WideNarrowRatio: the ratio of wide bars / narrow bars or wide spaces / narrow spaces for some types of barcodes
  • CodeText: is based on the settings of CodeLocation, CodeTextFont, and CodeTextSpace properties

Each specific barcode type may have different semantic demands; then it will override or ignore the above settings. For example,DataMatrix is a square-based barcode type; hence, the AspectRatio setting is not applicable to the DataMatrix symbology as it equals 1 for square modules. Accordingly, BarcodeGenerator will simply ignore those settings during the generation process.