Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java 22.10

All Changes

Key Summary Category
BARCODENET-38034 Incorrect File ID field encoding in MacroPdf417 Bug
BARCODENET-38344 QR/GS1QR generation throws exception in AutoSizeMode.Nearest Bug
BARCODEPHP-459 Configure the launching embedded Java server Enhancement

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

  • Added class Generation->Pdf417MacroTerminator

  • Added const Generation->Pdf417MacroTerminator::AUTO

  • Added const Generation->Pdf417MacroTerminator::NONE

  • Added const Generation->Pdf417MacroTerminator::SET

  • Added function Generation->Pdf417Parameters->getPdf417MacroTerminator():int

  • Added function Generation->Pdf417Parameters->setPdf417MacroTerminator(int):void

  • Added function Recognition->Pdf417ExtendedParameters->getMacroPdf417Terminator():boolean

  • Default value for Generation->CodetextParameters->setLocation has been changed to CodeLocation::NONE for all 2D barcode symbologies.