BarcodeSvmDetectorSettings class

Barcode detector settings.

The BarcodeSvmDetectorSettings type exposes the following members:


Name Description
scan_window_sizes Scan window sizes in pixels.

Allowed sizes are 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.
Scanning with small window size takes more time and provides more accuracy but may fail in detecting very big barcodes.
Combining of several window sizes can improve detection quality.
similarity_coef Similarity coefficient depends on how homogeneous barcodes are.

Use high value for for clear barcodes.
Use low values to detect barcodes that ara partly damaged or not lighten evenly.
Similarity coefficient must be between [0.5, 0.9]
region_likelihood_threshold_percent Sets threshold for detected regions that may contain barcodes.

Value 0.7 means that bottom 70% of possible regions are filtered out and not processed further.
Region likelihood threshold must be between [0.05, 0.9]
Use high values for clear images with few barcodes.
Use low values for images with many barcodes or for noisy images.
Low value may lead to a bigger recognition time.
skip_diagonal_search Allows detector to skip search for diagonal barcodes.

Setting it to false will increase detection time but allow to find diagonal barcodes that can be missed otherwise.
Enabling of diagonal search leads to a bigger detection time.
high_performance High performance detection preset.

Default for None
normal_quality Normal quality detection preset.

Default for None
high_quality High quality detection preset.

Default for None and None
max_quality Max quality detection preset.

Default for None and None

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