Aspose.CAD for Java 20.9 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADJAVA-849 Dxf, editing entities (line, ellipse, arc, circle, xline, ray, 3dface) Enhancement
CADJAVA-845 Investigate empty acds for 3D vertex entities Enhancement
CADJAVA-844 Aspose.CAD 20.7: Loading particular DWF document raises exception Enhancement
CADJAVA-840 Implement internal mechanism to put watermark on drawing for PDF export Enhancement
CADJAVA-857 Aspose.CAD.CadExceptions.ImageLoadException while loading DXF file Enhancement
CADJAVA-856 Aspose.CAD 20.3: Changes in the library API and behavior Enhancement
CADJAVA-855 Same result when converting drawing to SVG with different default fonts on Linux Enhancement
CADJAVA-854 ImageLoadException in .NET SDK static web app Enhancement
CADJAVA-853 Index was out of range exception when converting DWG Enhancement
CADJAVA-852 DWG - Image export failed. Parameter is not valid Enhancement
CADJAVA-851 Exception on loading DWG files Enhancement
CADJAVA-850 Lines are missing in exported PDF Enhancement
CADJAVA-848 Replacing the default font doesn’t work on Linux Enhancement
CADJAVA-847 Exception on loading the license file Enhancement
CADJAVA-843 Some 3D DWF files are rendered incorrectly. Enhancement
CADJAVA-842 DWF files with multiple internal formats are only partially presented. Enhancement
CADJAVA-841 Conflict when using Aspose.Imaging and Aspose.CAD in same application Enhancement
CADJAVA-751 Image is improperly rendered in exported PDF Enhancement
CADJAVA-737 DWG to PDF conversion hangs and leaks memory Enhancement
CADJAVA-479 ImageLoadException on loading DXF Enhancement
CADJAVA-846 Several CadTexts on AutoCad couldn’t be found Enhancement
CADJAVA-765 DWG to PDF: Text is thicker, overlapping and not clear Enhancement
CADJAVA-859 Adding and removing images inside DXF Enhancement