Aspose.CAD for Java 21.6 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADJAVA-10205 Implement correct rendering of Rotated dimension from scratch Enhancement
CADJAVA-10203 Improve hatch export performance for the file in parent issue Enhancement
CADJAVA-10202 Fix issue with MTEXT align Enhancement
CADJAVA-10201 Fix coloring of some entities Enhancement
CADJAVA-10200 Implement pantone colors support Enhancement
CADJAVA-10135 Fix iges parsing infinite loop Enhancement
CADJAVA-10131 Implement parsing of missed entities for Iges file format Enhancement
CADJAVA-10129 Implement correct iges file rendering Enhancement
CADJAVA-10219 Increase the performance of custom hatches export Enhancement
CADJAVA-10213 Add functionality to define objectSize Feature
CADJAVA-10211 Read the CadLine object from the overwritten AcDbObject Feature
CADJAVA-557 [Internal] Implement rendering of united 3D solids from simple objects Feature