Aspose.CAD for Java 22.10 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADJAVA-10771 Aspose.CAD v22.4: Size options were not applied when converting CAD documents Enhancement
CADJAVA-10758 Converting DXF to JPG takes very long time Enhancement
CADJAVA-10757 Add support for ignoring layers in 3D models Enhancement
CADJAVA-10756 Incorrect reading some symbols. Enhancement
CADJAVA-10750 Containerization on Linux Enhancement
CADJAVA-10748 Convert IfcSlab type to 3D Enhancement
CADJAVA-10747 Exception with 22.8.0, not there with 22.7.0 Enhancement
CADJAVA-10737 MicroStation to PDF discrepancies Enhancement
CADJAVA-10735 Export DWG to PDF Enhancement
CADJAVA-10734 Check results of fon processing updates for Linux Enhancement
CADJAVA-10699 Rendering issue in dwg file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10780 Output SVG is ten times larger compared to the source DWG Enhancement
CADJAVA-10776 “Image loading failed: Cannot process loading further due to incorrect file format structure, may be file is corrupted.” exception when open DWG file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10740 Implement writing properties of CadArc and CadEllipse objects Feature
CADJAVA-10738 Implement writing the properties of the CadHatch object Feature
CADJAVA-10736 Implement writing properties of the CadPolyline and CadLwPolyline objects Feature