Aspose.CAD for Java 22.3 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADJAVA-10541 Fix transparency issue for binary dxf Enhancement
CADJAVA-10536 PLT=>PDF Conversion hangs without error message Enhancement
CADJAVA-10535 Specific DWG file rendered blank, but output data is present. Enhancement
CADJAVA-10534 “Image export failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” exception when rendering DWF to PNG Enhancement
CADJAVA-10532 “Image loading failed: The Dxf version isn’t valid. Only Dxf: R11/R12/R13/R14/R2000/R2004/R2007/R2010/R2013/R2014/R2015/R2016/R2017/R2018/R2019/R2020 are currently supported.” exception when open DXF file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10531 Continue to improve dxf file saving to have a valid result that successfully opens with Autocad. Enhancement
CADJAVA-10530 Stack overflow on export from DWF to OBJ Enhancement
CADJAVA-10529 Export from SVG failed Enhancement
CADJAVA-10528 DAE to OBJ export failed Enhancement
CADJAVA-10518 Fix ACIDCOMPLEXENTITY parsing for dxf file format Enhancement
CADJAVA-10512 Shifted layout occurs for DWG R13 Enhancement
CADJAVA-10511 IFC to PDF conversion performance for huge files (C# .NET) Enhancement
CADJAVA-10510 Out of memory exception for .Net framework Enhancement
CADJAVA-10552 Aspose.CAD.CadExceptions.ImageLoadException was thrown when loading DGN file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10551 “Image loading failed: The DWF file is encrypted by Autodesk security toolkit.” exception when open document DWF file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10548 “Image loading failed: Error in Dimensions” exception when open DXF file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10546 “Image export failed. Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.” exception when rendering DWG to PNG Enhancement
CADJAVA-10515 Reading ACAD_PROXY_OBJECT raise exception. Enhancement
CADJAVA-10550 Improve processing of text alignment for MTEXT and extraction of text from associated XRECORD Enhancement
CADJAVA-10549 Implement non-coordinate-changing export mode for export to 3D formats. Enhancement
CADJAVA-10525 Add BigFont support Feature