Aspose.CAD for Java 22.5 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADJAVA-10569 Mtext is not vertical Enhancement
CADJAVA-10508 Convert DWG to PDF eat 14G memory Enhancement
CADJAVA-10331 Failed to save DWF file as PDF Enhancement
CADJAVA-774 Unable to read Dwf content: Error on reading hoops object exception when loading DWF Enhancement
CADJAVA-584 Digital sign support by ECDSA and RSA algorithms for updated drawings Enhancement
CADJAVA-10330 Failed to load PLT file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10329 Failed to save Obj file as svg Enhancement
CADJAVA-10300 DWG to PNG export has line color issues Enhancement
CADJAVA-919 Chinese can not display right when export to DWG Enhancement
CADJAVA-862 NullPointerException on saving Aspsoe sample DXF Enhancement
CADJAVA-737 DWG to PDF conversion hangs and leaks memory Enhancement
CADJAVA-10279 Quality of images generated with Aspose.CAD is not good Enhancement
CADJAVA-483 Text overlaps in exported PDF Enhancement