Aspose.CAD for Java 22.7 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADJAVA-10649 Improve performance of view Enhancement
CADJAVA-10648 Add support for hztxt.shx Enhancement
CADJAVA-10647 Add support for tssdchn.shx Enhancement
CADJAVA-10646 Prepare gbcbig.shx changes for merge Enhancement
CADJAVA-10643 Implement export to STEP format Enhancement
CADJAVA-10642 SHX width factor ignored for big font Enhancement
CADJAVA-10638 Text thickness normalization does not work for SHX Enhancement
CADJAVA-10637 Some SHX symbols are missing Enhancement
CADJAVA-10599 Out of memory Converting a dwg to svg Enhancement
CADJAVA-10506 I cannot load IGES image Enhancement
CADJAVA-10505 Bad display of SHX fonts Enhancement
CADJAVA-10425 “Image loading failed: FieldDecoderAscii.IsFieldEmpty(): Field number is out of range for this intermediate form (Parameter ‘fieldNumber’)” exception when open IGS file Enhancement
CADJAVA-10651 Support for SHX file format Feature
CADJAVA-10624 Support for STP/STEP file in API Internal