Aspose.CAD for .NET 16.10 Release notes

Aspose.CAD for .Net has been updated to version 16.10 and we are pleased to announce it. The following is a list of changes in this version of Aspose.CAD.

Features and Improvements

Key Summary Category
CADNET-134 Integrate metering module to promote new sales model for Aspose.CAD New Feature
CADNET-164 Loading DGN file is throwing exception Enhancement
CADNET-156 Converting DWG to PNG format is producing very small PNG image that is unable to view Enhancement
CADNET-155 Adjust Metered module quota consumption algorythm Enhancement
CADNET-154 Fix application menu URLs Enhancement
CADNET-152 CAD Hatches Offsetting After Printing PDF Enhancement
CADNET-149 Converting DXF to Image is working but producing shapes with very thin lines; not of proper width of lines Enhancement
CADNET-147 Make Dgn exporter respects ‘TypeOfEntities’ rasterization property Enhancement
CADNET-137 Converting DWG to PDF is generating extra page at the end of PDF file Enhancement
CADNET-136 Low quality of pdf files generated by GDI Pdf exporter Enhancement
CADNET-133 Review and adapt architecture to CAD domain Enhancement
CADNET-132 Compound objects of a DGN drawing are not displayed Enhancement
CADNET-130 No GDI Pdf exporter available for DGN format Enhancement
CADNET-127 Add shortcuts to online documentation and other useful aspose resources Enhancement
CADNET-126 DGN exporter doesn’t respect pen color Enhancement
CADNET-125 Text shifts unexpectedly during Model export Enhancement
CADNET-122 AutomaticLayoutsScaling does not work correctly Enhancement
CADNET-120 Some Patterns are missing while converting DXF to PDF format Enhancement
CADNET-117 GC overhead limit exceeded - exception when loading DWG file Enhancement
CADNET-108 Improve Image.GetFileFormat method to support raster image types Enhancement
CADNET-106 Improve exception text and improve exception architecture Enhancement

Usage Examples

CADNET-164 Loading DGN file is throwing exception

 var file = "DgnFile_v8.dgn";



  // this will throw on drawings stored in version 8 format

  using (var image = (DgnImage)Image.Load(file))




catch (ImageLoadException e)


   Console.WriteLine(e.InnerException.Message == "The Dgn version isn't valid. Only Dgn: V7 are currently supported.");


CADNET-134 Integrate metering module to promote new sales model for Aspose.CAD



  // do some load save operations