Aspose.CAD for .NET 20.8 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADNET-793 Support for Dxf Version Feature
CADNET-1164 Investigate posibility to simplify Big coordinates shift. Enhancement
CADNET-1161 Text Alignment is disturbed in generated PDF Enhancement
CADNET-958 Parse viewport clip ID and ACDS data Enhancement
CADNET-1202 Exception on loading IFC Enhancement
CADNET-1158 Text missing in generated PDF Enhancement
CADNET-1157 Text is improperly rendered in exported PDF Enhancement
CADNET-1154 Not representing stroke and fill correctly Enhancement
CADNET-1152 PLT failed to open and export to PDF Enhancement
CADNET-1151 Image loading failed: Error in Layers exception when loading DWG Enhancement
CADNET-1149 Aligned Dimension not showing up when exporting to JPG Enhancement
CADNET-1147 Failed to load bmw.obj Enhancement
CADNET-1136 “Tolerance” Drawing File -> not visible after image conversion Enhancement
CADNET-1123 Saving CAD Image causes error in Linux docker container (C# .NET Core) Enhancement
CADNET-1110 ImageSaveException on exporting DWG to PDF Enhancement
CADNET-1109 NullReferenceException on saving DWG Enhancement
CADNET-1106 Multiline text in DXF saved by Aspose.CAD is corrupt Enhancement
CADNET-1069 Convert text from DWG/DXF to SVG as text rather shapes Enhancement
CADNET-1065 The problems of file with large coordinate and high resolution Enhancement
CADNET-796 Cannot process loading further due to incorrect file format structure exception on loading DWG Enhancement
CADNET-782 Error while save DWG to DXF Enhancement
CADNET-1159 Quality of PDF is deteriorated for DWG Enhancement
CADNET-1046 Wrong UnitType on converting DXF to PDF Enhancement
CADNET-1204 Aspose.CAD eating up 100% CPU on exporting PDF Enhancement
CADNET-1153 Provision to read different attributes of entities Enhancement
CADNET-1102 DWF to PDF conversion performance issue Enhancement
CADNET-982 Exception on loading DWG file Enhancement