Aspose.CAD for .NET 21.10 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADNET-8299 Implement Width and Height for FBX Enhancement
CADNET-8282 Export from DGN/DWF to DWF failed Enhancement
CADNET-8160 Implement aps element to render 3d scenes Enhancement
CADNET-8159 Implement Exporter to fbx (ascii) Enhancement
CADNET-8142 Implement vertical alignment, proper tab size and codepage support for MTEXT. Enhancement
CADNET-8113 Ifc - parsing array of types Enhancement
CADNET-8321 “Image export failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” exception when rendering DWF to HTML Enhancement
CADNET-8317 CadImage object dispose hang inside .NET service in VM Enhancement
CADNET-8218 “Image loading failed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” exception when open DWF file Enhancement
CADNET-8217 “Image loading failed: The method or operation is not implemented.” exception when open DWF file Enhancement
CADNET-8183 Text is improperly rendered in exported PDF Enhancement
CADNET-8138 “Image loading failed: FieldDecoderAscii.IsFieldEmpty(): Field number is out of range for this intermediate form (Parameter ‘fieldNumber’)” exception when open IGS file Enhancement
CADNET-8120 “Image loading failed: Cannot process loading further due to incorrect file format structure, may be file is corrupted.” exception when open document DWG file Enhancement
CADNET-8086 “Image export failed. Negating the minimum value of a twos complement number is invalid.” exception when rendering to HTML DWG file Enhancement
CADNET-1251 “Image loading failed: Cannot open an image. The image file format may be not supported at the moment.” exception when opening HPG file Enhancement
CADNET-1215 Missing drawing elements when converting DWG Enhancement
CADNET-8369 Getting PDF as attached for DWG Enhancement
CADNET-8274 Black and White color PDF is not generated Enhancement