Aspose.CAD for .NET 21.11 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADNET-8346 new ACI changes and IsViewTop changes Enhancement
CADNET-8303 Fix on multi-thread export of Region entity Enhancement
CADNET-8298 PCL raster data is not exported. Enhancement
CADNET-8271 Render and placement issue of composite glyphs Enhancement
CADNET-8258 Issue with VPORT creation and validation of coordinate preservation Enhancement
CADNET-8083 Unify entities access API for all formats Enhancement
CADNET-8341 Regression: Filling of 4-sided SOLID entities Enhancement
CADNET-8335 Solid not filled on left view Enhancement
CADNET-8330 Polyline not converted from DXF Enhancement
CADNET-8322 UpdateSize produces wrong size for specific DWG document Enhancement
CADNET-8284 Autocad Rendering Issue Enhancement
CADNET-8261 Missing Text block after conversion from DWG file Enhancement
CADNET-8241 “Image loading failed: Cannot process loading further due to incorrect file format structure.” exception when open DWG file Enhancement
CADNET-8227 “Image export failed. The given key ‘continuous’ was not present in the dictionary.” exception when rendering DXF to HTML Enhancement
CADNET-8287 Missing attributes in CadImage entity Enhancement
CADNET-8307 Detect optimal zoom automatically for CAD drawings Feature
CADNET-1210 Slow performance of API when exporting DWG to PDF Enhancement