Aspose.CAD for .NET 21.7 - Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CADNET-8235 Converting DWG to PNG the process hangs Enhancement
CADNET-8232 ImageLoadException on loading IGES file Enhancement
CADNET-8172 DWG file to PDF: How to center the drawing in the DWG into the PDF and display it in proportion Enhancement
CADNET-8158 Implement FBX ascii reader Enhancement
CADNET-8152 Rework MTEXT rendering Enhancement
CADNET-8140 Implement FBX format support Enhancement
CADNET-8131 Implement webp export Enhancement
CADNET-8129 Implement dcm export Enhancement
CADNET-8112 Obj file rendering fix Enhancement
CADNET-8109 Implement extraction of camera parameters from camera matrix Enhancement
CADNET-8056 Watermark export option Enhancement
CADNET-1316 Add PCL5 support for PLT format. Enhancement
CADNET-8239 Font size is not uniform in drawing while converting it into different version Enhancement
CADNET-8238 Exception on loading IGS file Enhancement
CADNET-8236 DWG to PDF: Extra page generated Enhancement
CADNET-8234 Distorted image is generated for DWG Enhancement
CADNET-8233 Exception on accessing the Layers Enhancement
CADNET-8180 Get CAD Stamp from DWG Enhancement
CADNET-8168 Image load failed exception on loading file Enhancement
CADNET-8157 Fix incorrect NURBS entity rendering Enhancement
CADNET-8132 Exception on loading CAD file Enhancement
CADNET-8114 The image file format may be not supported at the moment when opening IFC Enhancement
CADNET-8105 Content missing in exported output Enhancement
CADNET-8094 “Image export failed. Array dimensions exceeded supported range.” exception when rendering to HTML DWF file Enhancement
CADNET-8090 “Image loading failed: Index was outside the bounds of the array.” exception when open document DGN file Enhancement
CADNET-8087 “Image loading failed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” exception when open document IFC file Enhancement
CADNET-8055 Distorted Images using Aspose.CAD for .NET 21.3 Enhancement
CADNET-1357 Issue with LZ decompression in CADNET-1288 test. Enhancement
CADNET-1356 Z coordinates are inverted in output from at least CAD (+STL) and DWF formats. Enhancement
CADNET-1259 DWG to PDF: improper text rendering in exported PDF Enhancement
CADNET-1246 The height dimension is zero for DWF drawing Enhancement
CADNET-8231 Changing font size inside DWG for exported PDF Enhancement
CADNET-8043 PLT to PDF quality is not good Enhancement
CADNET-1334 Improve raster image rotation in exporters for CAD formats Enhancement
CADNET-8193 Create AcDbColorReader Feature
CADNET-8126 CTB file is ignored when rendering DWG to PDF Enhancement