Aspose.Cells for CPP 23.1 Release Notes Windows

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Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-50111 Support interruption while calculating formulas New Feature
CELLSNET-52496 Support to change the default style of row/column without changing the style settings of existing cells New Feature
CELLSNET-52505 Support new functions HSTACK/VSTACK New Feature
CELLSNET-52429 Support to get the author and date time of revisions New Feature
CELLSNET-52337 Support CHOOSECOLS and CHOOSEROWS Excel 365 formulas Enhancement
CELLSNET-52498 Enhance SaveOptions.HasHeaderRow when convert xlsx to json Enhancement
CELLSNET-52499 JSON value is missing when a sheet is empty Enhancement
CELLSNET-52500 JsonSaveOptions.SkipEmptyRows is not working properly Enhancement
CELLSNET-52502 Always export excel as JObject when converting excel to json Enhancement
CELLSNET-52418 Shape fill is not right while converting to pdf Bug
CELLSNET-52420 Shapes and pictures are deformed in Excel to PDF rendering after copying sheet Bug
CELLSNET-52437 Incorrect shadow when converting image to pdf Bug
CELLSNET-52494 Arrow sign shift error when converting Excel file to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-52442 SUMIF returns 4 instead of 0 by Aspose.Cells formula calculation engine Bug
CELLSNET-52441 Image converted by chart is not same as MS excel Bug
CELLSNET-52486 Security Vulnerability - CVE-2021-24112 Bug
CELLSNET-52410 Image to SVG - Text is overlapped for the horizontal bar for Date labels of the chart image Bug
CELLSNET-52366 Thicker lines and missing border when saving XLSB to an Image Bug
CELLSNET-52395 Excel file (XLS) is corrupted upon re-saving via Aspose.Cells Bug
CELLSNET-52435 Support filter criteria when opening and saving html Bug
CELLSNET-52440 The range of the pivottable is not same as MS Excel when converting pivittable to pdf Bug
CELLSNET-52458 The contents and formatting of the sheets are changed while copying Bug
CELLSNET-52493 Exception “Item has already been added. " on saving XLS to XLSX Bug
CELLSNET-48991 Object reference not set to an instance of an object. exception when open ODS file Exception
CELLSNET-52419 Index out of range exception occurs after copying sheet and converting to pdf Exception
CELLSNET-52433 Exception “File is corrupted” when loading an XLSX file having a hyperlink Exception