C++ Library for Excel File Formats

Version 23.11.0 NuGet


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Aspose.Cells for C++ is a native C++ library to create, manipulate, process, and convert Microsoft Excel? files without needing Microsoft Office? or Automation. The Excel C++ API supports Excel 97-2003 (XLS), Excel 2007-2013/2016 (XLSX, XLSM, XLSB), OpenOffice XML, and other formats such as CSV, TSV, and more.

It allows the developers to work with spreadsheet rows, columns, data, formulas, pivot tables, worksheets, tables, charts, and drawing objects from their own C++ applications.

What is Aspose.Cells for C++?

Aspose.Cells for C++ is a native C++ on premise API to integrate Spreadsheet creation, manipulation and conversion features into your C++ Apps. It supports working with many popular spreadsheet file formats from Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX, XLSB, CSV, etc.) and OpenOffice/LibreOffice (ODS).

You can use Aspose.Cells for C++ to develop 64-bit applications in any development environment that supports C++, such as, Microsoft Visual Studio. Aspose.Cells for C++ is a native assembly that can be deployed by simply copying it. You do not have to worry about other services or modules.

Aspose.Cells for C++ allows you to work with the built-in as well as the custom document properties in Microsoft Excel. Supports high-quality conversion of Excel Workbooks to PDF/A compliant files. Work with formulas, pivot tables, worksheets, tables, ranges, charts, OLE objects and much more.

Excel File Processing Features

Supported Read & Write Formats

Microsoft Excel: XLS, XLSX, XLSB, SpreadsheetML
Text: CSV, TSV, TabDelimited
OpenDocument: ODS

Save Spreadsheet Documents As

Microsoft Excel: XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLAM
Portable Document Format: PDF, XPS
Text: CSV, TSV, TabDelimited
Metafile: EMF
Other DIF

Get Started

Are you ready to give Aspose.Cells for C++ a try? Simply execute Install-Package Aspose.Cells.Cpp from Package Manager Console in Visual Studio to fetch the NuGet package. If you already have Aspose.Cells for C++ and want to upgrade the version, please execute Update-Package Aspose.Cells.Cpp to get the latest version.

Convert XLS to XLSX, XLSB & CSV using C++

Try executing the below snippet to see how API works in your environment or check the GitHub Repository for other common usage scenarios.

U16String dir(u"your path");
// load the file to be converted
Workbook book(dir + u"template.xls");
// save in different formats
book.Save(dir + u"output.xlsx", SaveFormat::Xlsx);
book.Save(dir + u"output.xlsb", SaveFormat::Xlsb);
book.Save(dir + u"output.csv", SaveFormat::CSV);
book.Save(dir + u"output.json", SaveFormat::Json);

Create a Custom Excel Chart with C++

// create a new workbook
Workbook workbook;

// get first worksheet which is created by default
Worksheet worksheet = workbook.GetWorksheets().Get(0);

// add sample data

// add a chart to the worksheet
int chartIndex = worksheet.GetCharts().Add(Aspose::Cells::Charts::ChartType::Column, 5, 0, 20, 8);

// access the instance of the newly added chart
Chart chart = worksheet.GetCharts().Get(chartIndex);

// add SeriesCollection (chart data source) to the chart ranging from A1 to B4
chart.GetNSeries().Add(u"A1:B4", true);

// set the chart type of 2nd NSeries to display as line chart

// save the Excel file

Product Page | Docs | Demos | API Reference | Examples | Blog | Releases | Free Support | Temporary License