Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 16.12.0 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSJAVA-42042 Support Subtotal/Total labels in other languages New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42043 Specify Chart points' positions New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-41974 Refreshing PivotTable is not working in the rendered PDF file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41900 XLSM becomes corrupted by simple load and save operation Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41790 Hyperlinks are not working as expected after converting spreadsheet to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42010 Some characters do not render in the output PDF  Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41977 Order of chart legend changed in Chart’s PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41972 Z order of high-low lines is not correct in PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42015 Spreadsheet becomes corrupted after re-saving with Aspose.Cells Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42005 Formula is changed after inserting to a cell Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41997 Strange behaviour with simple bean using Smart Markers Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41994 Cell’s text overflows to next cell Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42039 CalculateFormula has issue to recalculate cells with reference to cells with formulas Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42050 Hebrew control characters are not rendered correctly in PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42020 XLS to PDF conversion is taking too much time Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42017 Layout problem when converting spreadsheet to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42023 X-axis labels are overlapping with Legend when rendered to PDF  Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42022 Picture does not scale well and its SVG file is not correct Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42003 Incorrect rendering of Chart while converting spreadsheet to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41986 Spaces are omitted from text in PNG output of Chart Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41438 Selection or check state not saved when saving to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41339 Text and text alignment is messed up in the file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42056 Extending MS Excel table/ list object changes cells formatting Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42055 Adding Arc to a new Workbook generates a potentially unsafe spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42038 Table column resolving broken if containing ‘[’ Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42021 Issue with extending Excel Table/List Object content regarding formulas Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42019 Incorrect formula returned from a worksheet cell Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42073 XLSM becomes corrupted after re-save operation Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42060 DataBar width is not correct while converting spreadsheet to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42016 Orange Row is not included in the Sum of Pivot Table Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42006 Image is cut off in the output HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42067 Chart is missing while converting spreadsheet to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41983 Row height is not correct while converting XLSX to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42089 DCOUNTA Excel formula is not evaluated fine by Aspose.Cells formula calculation engine Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42081 Issue with DataBar Conditional Formatting when Saving an XLSM file as PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42100 The space between certain characters gets removed at a few places in the output PDF file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42078 Chart labels are not displayed/rendered the same (as per the original Excel file) in the output PDF file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42077 Issue with font attributes of TextBox in the output PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42064 TextBox’s content color & size is changed while converting worksheet to EMF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42063 TextBox’s content color & size is changed while converting spreadsheet to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42059 Hebrew words are not rendered correctly when converting an Excel file to PDF file format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42053 Content in TextBox is clipped while rendering spreadsheet to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42052 Arrowed lines are misplaced while rendering spreadsheet to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42049 Issue with the SVG image of the Chart in the rendered HTML file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42036 Font substitution does not seem to take effect for Chart legend while using Chart.toPdf Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42024 Legend overlapping with text in Chart’s PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42070 Incorrect ChartPoint’s ShapeXPx & ShapeYPx values Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42083 Incomplete rendering of the Rectangle shape while converting XLS to HTML  Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42104 Text is getting truncated while converting spreadsheet to PDF file format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42098 Extra pages are added due to some pages are not rendered completely in one PDF page Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42097 SheetRender - Invalid column index Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42093 Extending Excel Table modifies data Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42092 Opening and saving the file while using SheetRender corrupts the output Excel file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42085 Setting the shape text changes the text style Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42074 Text of some cells like C2 and C3 gets unbold Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42058 Worksheet.autoFitColumns method does not seem to take effect when required font is not present in Linux Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42054 Unexpected background color applied to TextBoxes while rendering spreadsheet to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42072 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException of Workbook.calculateFormula(false) Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42066 CellsException at while converting an XLS to PDF Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42101 Invalid Formula exception on opening the excel file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42080 Exception on saving the workbook Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41993 NullPointerException while opening a7.xlsm file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41992 NullPointerException while opening a6.xlsm file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41991 NullPointerException while opening a5.xlsm file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41990 NullPointerException while opening a4.xlsm file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41989 NullPointerException while opening a3.xlsm file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41988 NullPointerException while opening a2.xlsm file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41987 NullPointerException while opening a1.xlsm file Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41968 IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 23, Size: 14 while refreshing PivotChart Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42014 ClassCastException while re-saving XLSX Exception 
CELLSJAVA-42004 java.lang.NullPointerException, at Workbook ctor while loading the XLSX file Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds Shape.Reflection property and ReflectionEffect class.

Represents reflection effect for the chart element or shape.

Adds Shape.Glow,GlowEffect.Size and GlowEffect.Transparency proerties.

Represents glow effect for the chart element or shape.

Adds LightRigType.None enum.

Represents no lighting setting.

Adds Shape.ShadowEffect property.

Represents shadow effect for the chart element or shape.

Adds ExternalLink.IsVisible property.

Indicates whether the external link is visible.

Adds Shape.ThreeDFormat property and ThreeDFormat class.

Gets and sets 3d format of the shape.

Adds PresetCameraType enum.

Represent different algorithmic methods for setting all camera properties, including position.

Adds LightRigDirectionType enum.

Repesents the light rig direction type.

Adds BevelType enum.

Represents a preset for a type of bevel which can be applied to a shape in 3D.

Adds XmlMapCollection.Add(string url) method.

Add a XmlMap by the url/path of a xml file.

Adds ShapeCollection.AddWordArt() method and PresetWordArtStyle enum.

Adds preset WordArt since Excel 2007.

Adds FontSettingCollection.SetWordArtStyle() method and FontSetting.SetWordArtStyle() method.

Sets preset WordArt style to the text of the shape.

Adds Cells.LinkToXmlMap(string mapName, int row, int column, string path) method.

Link to a xml map.

Adds ListColumn.Formula property.

Gets and sets the formula of the list column.

Adds Workbook.AbsolutePath property.

Gets and sets the Absolute path of the file.Only for external links.

Adds GlobalizationSettings class and WorkbookSettings.GlobalizationSettings property.

Gets and sets the globalization settings.

Removes obsoleted Cell.GetConditionalStyle() method.

Use Cell.GetConditionalFormattingResult() method instead.

Removes obsoleted Cells.MaxDataRowInColumn(int column) method.

Use Cells.GetLastDataRow(int) method instead.

Removes Obsoleted PageSetup.Draft property.

Use PageSetup.PrintDraft property instead.

Removes obsoleted AutoFilter.FilterColumnCollection property.

Use AutoFilter.FilterColumns property instead.

Obsoletes the Style constructor and adds CellsFactory class.

Use CellsFactory.CreateStyle() method instead.

Removes obsoleted TickLabels.Rotation property.

Use TickLabels.RotationAngle property instead.

Adds GridHyperlinkCollection.GetHyperlink(GridCell cell) method.

Gets the cell’s Hyperlink object. If there is no Hyperlink of the cell, returns null.

Adds GridHyperlinkCollection.GetHyperlink(int row,int column) method.

Gets the cell’s Hyperlink object. If there is no Hyperlink of the cell, returns null.

Adds BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection.ScaleCrop and BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection.LinksUpToDate properties.

Gets and sets some builtin document properties.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.Rotation property.

Use DataLabels.RotationAngle property instead.

Deletes obsoleted Title.Rotation property.

Use Title.RotationAngle property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.Background property.

Use DataLabels.BackgroundMode property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DisplayUnitLabel.Rotation property.

Use DisplayUnitLabel.RotationAngle property instead.

Deletes obsoleted Title.getCharacters() method.

Use Title.characters() method instead.

Adds LoadFilter class and LoadOptions.LoadFilter property

Allows user to control what data should be loaded while loading a Workbook from template file.

Obsoletes LoadOptions.LoadDataFilterOptions property

Use LoadOptions.LoadFilter property instead. Example: LoadOptions.LoadFilter = new LoadFilter(LoadDataFilterOptions.All & ~LoadDataFilterOptions.Chart);

Obsoletes LoadOptions.OnlyLoadDocumentProperties property

Use LoadOptions.LoadFilter property instead. Usage: LoadOptions.LoadFilter = new LoadFilter(LoadDataFilterOptions.DocumentProperties);

Obsoletes LoadOptions.LoadDataAndFormatting property

Use LoadOptions.LoadFilter property instead. Usage: LoadOptions.LoadFilter = new LoadFilter(LoadDataFilterOptions.CellData);

Obsoletes LoadOptions.LoadDataOptions property

Use LoadFilter property instead, user may extend LoadFilter to filter the worksheet and data.

Adds Workbook.ExportXml(string mapName, string path) method

Export XML data.

Adds enum FileFormatType.OTS.

Represents the OTS file format.

Adds WorksheetCollection.CreateRange() method.

Creates a range.

Adds FontConfigs.PreferSystemFontSubstitutes property.

Indicate whether to use system font substitutes first or not when a font is not presented and the substitute of this font is not set.