Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 21.3 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSJAVA-43375 Check Excel VBA password New Feature
CELLSJAVA-43400 Support UNIQUE() function New Feature
CELLSJAVA-42863 Fetch chart sub title New Feature
CELLSJAVA-43401 Support unified formatting result for Japanese era for all JDKs Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-43398 Conditional formatting is not rendered properly in ODS to HTML conversion Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-43371 XLSX to PDF conversion hangs Bug
CELLSJAVA-43353 Different diagrams on excel to pdf Bug
CELLSJAVA-43377 Images placement issues while converting Excel to Html Bug
CELLSJAVA-43381 DAYS function calculation error Bug
CELLSJAVA-43342 Combo chart can?t display correctly in excel to pdf Bug
CELLSJAVA-43354 Percentages was not showed at the small histograms Bug
CELLSJAVA-40264 Error with form controls or ActiveX controls when saving as EXCEL_97_TO_2003 Bug
CELLSJAVA-43372 Corrupted file created while converting ODS to XLSX Bug
CELLSJAVA-43378 Display as blank changes from true to false after cloning the workbook Bug
CELLSJAVA-43382 Copy produces corrupted workbook Bug
CELLSJAVA-43364 Issue when saving chart having image in the marker to image Bug
CELLSJAVA-43389 Workbook/Worksheet Password Protection settings lost when saving as XLSB file format Bug
CELLSJAVA-43392 Copying sheet produces corrupt workbook Bug
CELLSJAVA-43388 The output file is corrupt after copying workbook Bug
CELLSJAVA-43406 Issues while converting HTML to Excel Bug
CELLSJAVA-43399 CalculateFormula() creates lot of error type values #VALUE Bug
CELLSJAVA-43362 Percentage issue for labels when printing charts Bug
CELLSJAVA-43384 Percentages issue for some labels when rendering to PDF and printing charts Bug
CELLSJAVA-43402 Generate exact chart image from Excel file Bug
CELLSJAVA-43408 Top of chart gets cut off and slanted line goes up Bug
CELLSJAVA-43379 Exception raised while saving workbook as HTML Exception
CELLSJAVA-43376 Exception “java.lang.ClassCastException: Overflow in int to byte conversion. int value: 144” on loading an XLSX file Exception
CELLSJAVA-43387 Exporting single sheet to HTML raises Exception Exception
CELLSJAVA-43412 CellsException in xlsx to html conversion Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Obsoleted PdfSaveOptions(SaveFormat) constructor.

Use PdfSaveOptions() constructor instead.

Obsoleted XlsbSaveOptions(SaveFormat) constructor.

Use XlsbSaveOptions() constructor instead.

Obsoleted XlsSaveOptions(SaveFormat) constructor.

Use XlsSaveOptions() constructor instead.

Obsoleted SpreadsheetML2003SaveOptions(SaveFormat) constructor.

Use SpreadsheetML2003SaveOptions() constructor instead.

Adds Chart.GetChartDataRange() method.

Gets the data range source of the chart.

Adds Chart.SwitchRowColumn() method.

Switches row/column of the chart’s data range source.

Adds OleObject.SetEmbeddedObject() method.

Sets embedded object .

Adds VbaProject.ValidatePassword() method.

Validates the password of VBA project.

Deletes obsoleted ChartPoint.MarkerBackgroundColor and Series.MarkerBackgroundColor properties , adds Marker.BackgroundColor property.

Uses Marker.BackgroundColor instead.

Deletes obsoleted ChartPoint.MarkerForegroundColor and Series.MarkerForegroundColor properties , adds Marker.ForegroundColor property.

Uses Marker.ForegroundColor instead.

Deletes obsoleted ChartPoint.MarkerBackgroundColorSetType and Series.MarkerBackgroundColorSetType properties , adds Marker.BackgroundColorSetType property.

Uses Marker.BackgroundColorSetType instead.

Deletes obsoleted ChartPoint.MarkerForegroundColorSetType and Series.MarkerForegroundColorSetType properties , adds Marker.ForegroundColorSetType property.

Uses Marker.ForegroundColorSetType instead.

Deletes obsoleted ChartPoint.MarkerSize and Series.MarkerSize properties.

Uses Marker.MarkerSize instead.

Deletes obsoleted ChartPoint.MarkerStyle and Series.MarkerStyle properties.

Uses Marker.MarkerStyle instead.

Changes behavior of Cells.DeleteBlankRows()/Cells.DeleteBlankRows(DeleteOptions)

In old versions, we delete all column settings while deleting blank rows if the worksheet is empty(no cells data). This make it impossible for user to delete blank rows only and keep all column settings. From 21.2, we do not clear column settings any more. If user needs to delete column settings for empty worksheet, he should check there is no data in sheet and then clear the ColumnCollection manually. In old versions, we do not delete blank rows under shape. This make it impossible for user to delete all blank rows as they expect. From 12.2, we delete those blank rows under shape together with other common blank rows.

Obsoleted Range.CellCount property.

Please use Range.RowCount and Range.ColumnCount to get the total cell count instead.

Adds AutoFilter.ShowFilterButton property.

Indicates whether showing filter button of auto filter.

Deletes SeriesCollection.SecondCatergoryData property.

Please use SeriesCollection.SecondCategoryData property instead.

Deletes StyleModifyFlag.Spacing enum.

It’s not used.

Adds SignatureLine.Id property.

Gets or sets identifier for this signature line.

Adds DigitalSignature.Id property.

Specifies a UUID which can be cross-referenced with the UUID of the signature line stored in the document content.

Adds DigitalSignature.ProviderId property.

Specifies the class ID of the signature provider.

Adds DigitalSignature.Image property.

Specifies an image for the digital signature.

Adds DigitalSignature.Text property.

Specifies the text of actual signature in the digital signature.

Adds Cells.ClearMergedCells() method.

Removes all merged cells.

Adds Workbook.RemovePersonalInformation() method.

Removes all personal information.

Adds WorkbookSettings.ForceFullCalculate property.

Property instructs ms excel to fully calculate every time when a calculation is triggered.

Adds DocxSaveOptions(Boolean) constructor.

Represents options of saving .docx files.

Deletes obsoleted WorkbookSettings.IsWriteProtected property.

Use WorkbookSettings.WriteProtection.IsWriteProtected property instead.

Deletes obsoleted WorkbookSettings.RecommendReadOnly property.

Use WorkbookSettings.WriteProtection.RecommendReadOnly property instead.

Deletes obsoleted WorkbookSettings.WriteProtectedPassword property.

Use WorkbookSettings.WriteProtection.Password property instead.