Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 21.9 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSJAVA-43477 Digitally Sign a VBA Code Project with Certificate using Aspose.Cells for Java New Feature
CELLSJAVA-40452 Get external data ranges and details New Feature
CELLSJAVA-42494 Large amount of unused styles being generated into the CSS section Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-43639 Creation date and time and modification date cannot be extracted Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-41121 SheetRender does not render the flow chart correctly Bug
CELLSJAVA-43331 Missing text in circle during XLS to HTML conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-43507 When executing svg to insert excel under java, it exits abnormally. Bug
CELLSJAVA-41887 Percentage data from a Pivot Table is not showing properly in HTML Bug
CELLSJAVA-43482 Superscripts and subscripts not formatted correctly when converting an HTML document to a Workbook Bug
CELLSJAVA-43501 Incorrect value read using getStringValue() function Bug
CELLSJAVA-43515 MDURATION formula issue Bug
CELLSJAVA-43528 Creation date and time and update date cannot be extracted Bug
CELLSJAVA-43529 Unable to extract BuiltInDocumentProperties Bug
CELLSJAVA-43530 Date and time property results are different Bug
CELLSJAVA-41693 Equation in a TextBox does not render to PDF Bug
CELLSJAVA-43487 Text not centered in the output PDF in Excel to PDF conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-42867 Shapes are not retrieved in the ODS file format Bug
CELLSJAVA-42895 PNG output of MS Excel chart has discrepancies Bug
CELLSJAVA-43015 Issue with SheetRender.toImage() while using setPrintArea() method Bug
CELLSJAVA-43258 Chart points font boldness changes after workbook copy Bug
CELLSJAVA-43436 Aspose Cells ignores inverted y-axis in diagram Bug
CELLSJAVA-43510 Chart is messed up upon re-saving the Excel file using Aspose.Cells for Java Bug
CELLSJAVA-43532 Problem extracting chart series names Bug
CELLSJAVA-43474 Shape objects changed while loading and saving XLS file Bug
CELLSJAVA-43493 Incorrect comment’s author is retrieved Bug
CELLSJAVA-43576 Graphic text values are not displayed when converting XLSX to PDF Bug
CELLSJAVA-43483 Text after a “br” tag within an “em” tag is not emphasized when converting an HTML document to a Workbook Bug
CELLSJAVA-43526 IllegalArgumentException: Invalid column index Bug
CELLSJAVA-43557 Incorrect color when save as html Bug
CELLSJAVA-43567 Regression: MDURATION formula not calculated properly Bug
CELLSJAVA-43583 Power operator “^” is not working for formula calculations Bug
CELLSJAVA-43549 Image missing in the Output PDF Bug
CELLSJAVA-43566 Default fonts on MacOS Big Sur Bug
CELLSJAVA-42579 Axis Labels are not displaying correctly - Right Alignment missing when saving Excel to Pdf Bug
CELLSJAVA-43554 Chart datatable text is not shown int the output image Bug
CELLSJAVA-43556 XLSX to PDF: Incomplete diagram title Bug
CELLSJAVA-40051 Apple iWork Support Bug
CELLSJAVA-43119 Conversion to PDF - Unsupport file format Number3.5 since 2014 Bug
CELLSJAVA-43538 Chart with No Data causes XLSX to become corrupt after saving with Aspose Cells Bug
CELLSJAVA-43547 AutoFitRow changes worksheet standard height Bug
CELLSJAVA-43591 Error when open file in MS Excel saved by Aspose.Cells Bug
CELLSJAVA-43622 XLSX to PDF: Shape to image Error Bug
CELLSJAVA-43756 Image distortion during Excel to HTML Bug
CELLSJAVA-43309 Details changed on Excel to HTML conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-43578 Formatting issues while converting Excel to HTML Bug
CELLSJAVA-43579 Text Alignment issue during Excel to HTML conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-43630 Hyperlink function hyperlink is invalid when Excel is converted to HTML Bug
CELLSJAVA-43635 When exporting html, the length of the data bar is shorter than that in excel Bug
CELLSJAVA-43709 Re-saved XLSM file cause file corruption popup when opening by ms excel Bug
CELLSJAVA-43758 Array formula evaluation problem Bug
CELLSJAVA-43680 Databar issue of conditional formatting in the generated pdf Bug
CELLSJAVA-43689 Setting the conditional formatting to cell and using DataBar.toImage result in blank picture Bug
CELLSJAVA-43723 The font in the cell is not fully displayed When Excel file is converted to PDF Bug
CELLSJAVA-43724 Not able to convert complex HTML into CSV Bug
CELLSJAVA-43728 Text orientation changed while Excel to PDF conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-43752 Excel to HTML rendering - issue with conditional formatting to hide borders Bug
CELLSJAVA-43792 Font is incorrect when setting HtmlLoadOptions for HTML to Excel conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-43571 DataLabels truncation issue When Converting XLSX to PDF Bug
CELLSJAVA-43587 Donut chart labels misplaced Bug
CELLSJAVA-43620 Vertical axis values and point labels are not rendered properly when rendering Excel file (containing Waterfall chart) to HTML Bug
CELLSJAVA-43621 Function RANDBETWEEN(bottom, top) value results are different from Excel results Bug
CELLSJAVA-41710 Wrong rendering of HTML after conversion from XLSX Bug
CELLSJAVA-43422 HTML to Excel conversion - “mso-ignore: padding” in CSS have no effect Bug
CELLSJAVA-43606 Background text formatting changed while merging files Bug
CELLSJAVA-43769 MSO Excel (XLS) document cannot be loaded Bug
CELLSJAVA-43527 Aspose.Cells for Java NullPointerException Exception
CELLSJAVA-43506 Invalid password exception Exception
CELLSJAVA-43523 CellsException for reading shape’s macro name: Invalid formula Exception
CELLSJAVA-43565 “java.lang.ClassCastException” on reading XLSB file with LightCells Exception
CELLSJAVA-43546 NullPointerException when extracting series name of chart Exception
CELLSJAVA-43631 Exception “java.lang.NullPointerException” when loading XLSM file Exception
CELLSJAVA-43655 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with getStringValue Exception
CELLSJAVA-43788 Exception raised while setting value for chart series Exception
CELLSJAVA-43632 Exception “Invalid FontUnderlineType string val” when loading an XLSX file Exception
CELLSJAVA-43633 Exception “Invalid MsoLineDashStyle string val” when loading an XLSX file Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android via Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds PasteOptions.OperationType property and PasteOperationType enum .

Gets and sets the operation type when pasting range.

Adds PivotFormatCondition.AddColumnAreaCondition(PivotField columnField) method .

Adds PivotTable conditional format limit in the column fields.

Adds PivotFormatCondition.AddColumnAreaCondition(String fieldName) method .

Adds PivotTable conditional format limit in the column fields.

Adds PivotFormatCondition.AddRowAreaCondition(PivotField rowField) method .

Adds PivotTable conditional format limit in the row fields.

Adds PivotFormatCondition.AddRowAreaCondition(String fieldName) method .

Adds PivotTable conditional format limit in the row fields.

Adds PivotFormatCondition.AddDataAreaCondition(PivotField dataField) method .

Adds PivotTable conditional format limit in the data fields.

Adds PivotFormatCondition.AddDataAreaCondition(String fieldName) method .

Adds PivotTable conditional format limit in the data fields.

Adds PivotFormatCondition.SetConditionalAreas() method.

Sets conditional areas of PivotFormatCondition object.

Adds SeriesCollection.Add(boolean,boolean) method.

Adds series with a range.

Adds SetSeriesNames() method.

Sets a range as name of the series.

Adds AbstractInterruptMonitor class.

Provides AbstractInterruptMonitor as the base of implementations for interruption monitor. The InterruptMonitor class now becomes one implementation of it. The type of InterruptMonitor properties for LoadOptions and Workbook now become AbstractInterruptMonitor too so user can use their own implementation to control the time-consuming operations.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.WorksheetScalable property.

Indicates if zoom in or out the html via worksheet zoom level when saving file to html, the default value is false.

Adds override WorksheetCollection.GetRangeByName() method.

Gets Range object by name from defined names or Tables.

Adds Range.AutoFill() method.

Automatically fills data to the range.

Adds WarningType.IO enum.

Represents the file corrupted warning.

Adds AutoFitterOptions.FormatStrategy property.

Gets and sets the formatted strategy for auto fitting.

Adds MsoFormatPicture.Transparency property.

Returns or sets the degree of transparency of the area as a value from 0.0 (opaque) through 1.0 (clear).

Adds overloaded PivotTableCollection.Remove() methods.

Deletes the specified PivotTable and checks whether keeping cells' data .

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.IsOptimized property.

Indicates whether optimize the output elements. Default value is false. Currently only the border lines are optimized when this property is set to true.