Aspose.Cells for Android via Java 8.8.0 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSJAVA-41747 Support to calculate FORMULATEXT function New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-41334 HYPERLINK formula/ function - Extend the Worksheet’s Hyperlink collection to get the object New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-41812 Image Markers are not supported while Grouping Data in Smart Markers Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-41702 Extra columns are added in the output HTML file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41708 Columns get missing from HTML output Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41720 Saving image in SVG while converting spreadsheet to HTML results in incorrect image file extension Bug
CELLSJAVA-41721 Incorrect rendering of text in a shape while converting spreadsheet to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41711 Infinite loop issue when save to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41737 Cell.getStringValue for DateTime type is giving undesired value Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41681 Chart header extends beyond the chart’s border while using Chart.toImage Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41691 Data Labels are overlapping with Chart Area in Chart’s Image format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41692 Data Labels are overlapping with Chart Area in Chart’s PDF file format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41696 Bottom and right borders are missing in Chart’s PDF file format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41712 Incorrect Colors are rendered in Bar Chart’s PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41722 Acrobat Reader shows error while loading Aspose.Cells' generated PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41724 Series is fully opaque in SVG opposed to original chart in spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41725 SVG image is different than original chart in spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41727 DataLabel’s picture or texture fill effect hasn’t rendered to SVG Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41728 Resultant SVG file is of 0KB in size Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41741 Picture to SVG renders blank/wrong image Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41743 Graphic title is missing in the output PDF  Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41714 FileFormatUtil.loadFormatToExtension returns .ODS for .ODP file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41715 Unreadable content in Excel 2007 after re-saving PerformanceReport.xlsb Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41731 Shape formula does not refresh while saving XLS to XLSB Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41733 cell.getFormula returns the formula with sheet name in square brackets and path to spreadsheet file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41788 ‘Start’ property of an ordered list is not working properly Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41763 Aspose Cells API not able to convert each content of HTML file to Excel file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41759 Layout is different while saving spreadsheet to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41677 Hyperlink pointing to a defined names results in broken link when spreadsheet is converted to HTML Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41774 Wrong calculation on what-if analysis Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41748 Russian month name renders differently in PDF as compared to Excel Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41735 Cell with currency format in BMD is detected as DateTime Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41648 Locale dependent date format changes to fixed custom format while converting SpreadsheetML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41777 Issue with the output XLSB file - XLS to XLSB Conversion Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41749 Setting image in Header (to create watermark) resets Format Picture Settings Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41787 Excel conversion to PDF is taking forever Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41762 Axis Label overlap when converting spreadsheet to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41752 Data Labels are overlapping with the Pie Chart while rendering to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41751 Upper case horizontal/vertical Axis title text appears in sentence case in Chart’s PDF format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41736 Chart alignment problem while rendering Worksheet to image Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41755 Vertical rule missing in Chart’s PDF format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41756 Thickness of horizontal rules is more than thickness in actual chart while rendering to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41754 SmartArt does not get copied while copying Workbook Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41717 Vertical alignment of the chart’s legend has changed while converting ODS to XLSX Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41716 Chart is missing while converting ODS to XLSX Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41772 Conversion to HTML results in empty page Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41738 Vertical alignment of the text in a TextBox changes from middle to top while rendering spreadsheet to Image & PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41503 Font Substitution Warnings not working while converting spreadsheet to HTML format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41797 Aspose.Cells does not calculate the value of the cell correctly Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41779 Cell.calculate() method is not calculating the values properly Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41813 Space distortion at the end of second page highlighted as red in sample excel file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41744 Text misaligned in the output PDF  Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41723 Aspose.Cells generated PDF mismatch with Excel generated PDF of same spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41802 Category axis tick labels mismatch in output PDF in Excel to PDF rendering Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41800 Angle of chart-labels has changed in Chart’s PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41798 Legend entry is getting trimmed while converting chart to PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41792 Red colored bar is missing in Excel but getting displayed in PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41785 Spreadsheet becomes corrupted after copying the Workbook and setting the DataLabel’s position Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41784 Error Bar is missing while copying Workbook Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41780 Text in the TextBox is rendered incomplete while converting worksheet to image Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41773 DataLabels missing for a chart in the output image/PDF for the spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41757 Positive valued bars are appearing below the 0-value x-axis rule in Chart’s PDF Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41734 Chart’s Legend order is reversed while rendering Worksheet to Image Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41811 Aspose.Cells is breaking the Power Pivot Tables upon opening and re-saving the XLSM file format Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41807 Issue with grouped rows when copying ranges in XLSX file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41806 Issue with grouped rows when copying ranges in XLS file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41804 Formula for WordArt does not react to argument change after converting XLS to XLSB Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41803 Conditional formatting range is incorrect and does not match with Microsoft Excel Bug 
CELLSJAVA-41732 Exception: “[0]Sheet1!B2-Invalid formula: More than one token in stack” on Workbook.calculateFormula() method Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41746 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded, while saving spreadsheet to PDF Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41768 com.aspose.cells.Name cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer while copying Worksheets Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41809 Worksheet.calculateFormula throws null pointer exception when formula is set via NameCollection Exception 
CELLSJAVA-41808 java.lang.NullPointerException at Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Android. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds HTMLLoadOptions.DeleteRedundantSpaces property

Indicates whether deleting redundant spaces when the text wraps lines using

Obsolete LoadOptions.ConvertNumericData property and add TxtLoadOptions.ConvertNumericData property.

Use HTMLLoadOptions.ConvertNumericData or TxtLoadOptions.ConvertNumericData property instead.

Adds Style.QuotePrefix property.

Indicates whether the cell’s value starts with single quote mark.

Adds QueryTable.ConnectionId property.

Gets the connection id of the query table.

Adds ExternalConnection.Id property.

Gets the id of the connection.

Adds ListObject.QueryTable property.

Gets the linked QueryTable of the table.

Adds HTMLLoadOptions.KeepPrecision property.

Indicates whether not parsing a string value if the length is 15.

Adds LookInType.OriginalValues property.

Only find object from the original values without format.