Aspose.Cells for Java 17.8 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSJAVA-42356 Add a property to indicate whether to output an empty page or not when there is nothing to print New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42322 Support Advanced Filter (MS Excel) feature to display records that meet a complex criteria New Feature 
CELLSJAVA-42341 InterruptMonitor takes more time to interrupt the Workbook saving process for a large file having PivotTable Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42358 Formula is not displayed in the resulted PDF Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42351 WEEKDAY formula returns wrong value on workbook formula calculation Enhancement 
CELLSJAVA-42332 Aspose.Cells is not able to convert the HTML file correctly while MS-Excel is able to convert it properly Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42355 For Number 39 MS Excel formats negative value with ‘-’ instead of ‘()’ for Italy Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42350 Label text is displaced for the Pie chart Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42343 Various styles of the Waterfall chart don’t render properly. Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42342 The Waterfall chart always shows connection lines  Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42352 Shape is not updated with correct value Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42349 Excel to PDF conversion hanged for an XLSX file Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42348 Unable to import XLSB file (by Aspose.Cells APIs) into MS-Access database Bug 
CELLSJAVA-42357 Exception occurs when saving an Excel file into HTML format Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.IsExportComments property

Indicates if exporting comments when saving file to HTML, the default value is false.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.DisableDownlevelRevealedComments property

Indicates if disable Downlevel-revealed conditional comments when exporting file to HTML, the default value is false.

Adds CustomImplementationFactory class

Provides API for the user to extend/improve the component’s ability by some special implementations for some special situations. Currently there is no custom implementation supported for Java version.

Adds CellsHelper.CustomImplementationFactory property

Gets/sets the CustomImplementationFactory instance used by cells component.

Adds Workbook.AddDigitalSignature(DigitalSignatureCollection digitalSignatureCollection) method

Adds digital signature to an already signed OOXML spreadsheet file (Excel2007 and later).

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.OutputBlankPageWhenNothingToPrint property

Indicates whether to output a blank page when there is nothing to print.

Adds GridCell.CreateComment method

Creates a comment object for a cell.

Adds GridCell.RemoveComment method

Removes the comment object of the cell.

Adds GridCell.GetComment method

Gets comment object on this cell.

Usage Examples

Please check the list of help topics added in the Aspose.Cells Wiki docs: