Aspose.Cells for Java 18.12 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSJAVA-42745 Does not get connection points as its returned type is ‘zo[]’ New Feature
CELLSJAVA-42662 Provide ability to export range as HTML New Feature
CELLSJAVA-42746 Data bars are missing when XLSX is converted to HTML New Feature
CELLSJAVA-42747 Value still exists when XLSX is converted to HTML file format New Feature
CELLSJAVA-42748 LightCells API fails to load a huge file Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-42727 Text formatting is missing in HTML output of MS Excel range Bug
CELLSJAVA-42744 Icon Sets become misaligned when XLSX is converted to HTML Bug
CELLSJAVA-42772 Exporting named range data is not correctly rendered to HTML (Java) Bug
CELLSJAVA-42753 An issue found in Named Range Bug
CELLSJAVA-42764 Validation always returns true for ‘getInCellDropDown()’ method Bug
CELLSJAVA-42768 Wrong culture custom format gets returned for different locales (Germany, French, Italy and Spain) Bug
CELLSJAVA-42758 Excel To PDF conversion - Gauge chart rendering issue Bug
CELLSJAVA-42761 PDF rendition throws OutOfMemoryError exception Bug
CELLSJAVA-42759 CellsException while converting files Exception
CELLSJAVA-42755 Exception “NullPointerException” when instantiating the XLSX file(s) Exception
CELLSJAVA-42762 NumberFormatException while processing files Exception
CELLSJAVA-42774 NullPointerException when loading a CSV Exception
CELLSJAVA-42765 Exception “com.aspose.cells.CellsException” when rendering an Excel file to PDF file format Exception
CELLSJAVA-42754 “IllegalStateException: Invalid encoding: null” when instantiating an XLS file format Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportSingleTab property

Indicates whether exporting the single tab when the file only has one worksheet in it.The default value is false.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportPrintAreaOnly property

Indicates if only exporting the print area to html file. The default value is false.

Deletes obsoleted Workbook.Initialize() method

Use Workbook constructor instead.

Deletes obsoleted Workbook.Styles property

Use Workbook.CreateStyle() to create and manipulate style for workbook instead of StyleCollection.Add(); Use Workbook.GetNamedStyle(string) to get named style instead of StyleCollection.

Deletes obsoleted Workbook.CheckWriteProtectedPassword() method

Use WorkbookSettings.WriteProtection.ValidatePassword method instead.

Adds LoadDataFilterOptions.VBA enum

The option to used to ignore VBA projects while loading template file.

Adds Style.InvariantCustom property

Gets the culture-independent pattern string for number format (including the pattern string for built-in number).

Adds FindOptions.ValueTypeSensitive property

Indicates whether searched cell value type should be same with the searched key.

Obsoletes FindOptions.SearchNext property

Use FindOptions.SearchBackward property instead, true value for this new property corresponds to false of SearchNext.

Deletes obsoleted Cells.FindString, FindStringStartsWith, FindStringEndsWith, FindStringContains and FindNumber methods

Use Cells.Find (object,Cell,FindOptions) method instead. To get the same results with methods FindNumber, FindString, please set FindOptions.ValueTypeSensitive as true.

Deletes obsoleted Cells.ImportGridView(System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView,int ,int , bool ,bool ,bool ) method

Use Cells.ImportGridView (System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView gridView,int firstRow,int firstColumn,ImportTableOptions options) method. instead.

Deletes obsoleted Cells.Start property

Use Cells.FirstCell property instead.

Deletes obsoleted Cells.End property

Use Cells.LastCell property instead.

Deletes Cells[int] property

Use Cells.GetEnumerator() method to iterate all cells in this worksheet instead.

Deletes obsoleted Cells.ImportDataColumn() methods

Use Cells.ImportData (DataTable,int,int,ImportTableOptions) method instead.

Deletes obsoleted Cells.ImportDataReader() methods

Use Cells.ImportData (IDataReader, int, int,ImportTableOptions) method instead.

Deletes obsoleted Shape.Rotation property

Use Shape.RotationAngle property instead.

Deletes obsoleted Validation.AreaList property

Use Validation.Areas property instead.

Deletes obsoleted Style constructor

Use CellsFactory.CreateStyle() or Workbook.CreateStyle() method instead.

Deletes obsoleted Shape.IsPrinted property

Use Shape.IsPrintable property instead.

Deletes obsoleted PivotItem.Move(int) method

Using PivotItem.Move(int , bool ) method instead.

Deletes obsoleted Cells.ExportDataTable(int, int, int, int,bool, bool),Cells.ExportDataTable(int, int, int, int,object[]), Cells.ExportDataTable(int, int, int, int,bool), Cells.ExportDataTable(DataTable, int, int[],int, bool) and Cells.ExportDataTable(DataTable,int, int, int, bool, bool) methods

Use ExportDataTable(firstRow,firstColumn, totalRows, totalColumns,ExportTableOptions) method instead.

Adds ExtPage.setServlet(HttpServletRequest req,HttpServletResponse resp)

Initializes servlet context for ExtPage.

Adds ExtPage.getBean() method

Gets GridWebBean instance from ExtPage.

Deletes ExtPage.getBean(HttpServletRequest req) method

Use ExtPage.getBean() instead.

Adds ExtPage.Maxholders property

Indicates maximum GridWeb instances for server to be kept (creating every new page or refreshing is considered as a new control instance), default value is 1000.

Adds ExtPage.Memoryinstanceexpires property

Indicates the expiry time in seconds of control instance on server, if the time expires, it will be removed on the server, default value is 3600, about one hour.

Adds ExtPage.MemoryCleanRateTime property

Indicates every time duration in seconds to do the check work, to check whether control instance is expired, if expired it removes it, default value is 7200, about two hours.