Aspose.Cells for Java 19.12 Release Notes

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Key Summary Category
CELLSJAVA-43047 Adding tooltip text to cell for export in HTML New Feature
CELLSJAVA-43002 Unexpected CPU hot spot in ZipOutputStream when opening XSLB Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-43008 Option to disable loading OLE object while opening a workbook Enhancement
CELLSJAVA-42793 Fontwork SmartArt object lost during ODS to XLSX conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-43020 Radial graph distorted after calling Chart.Calcluate() Bug
CELLSJAVA-43022 Shape to Image Error for XLS files Bug
CELLSJAVA-43046 LoadOptions.setParsingFormulaOnOpen(false) causes undesired results while calling getFormula() Bug
CELLSJAVA-43052 Validation issue for boolean values Bug
CELLSJAVA-43054 Issue with CSV Merge in Portuguese settings Bug
CELLSJAVA-43056 Cell.setFormula() not updating for external links Bug
CELLSJAVA-42767 Image missed during Excel to PDF conversion Bug
CELLSJAVA-42913 Embedded Visio objects rendered incorrectly to PDF Bug
CELLSJAVA-42883 Issue extracting graph text from Aspose.Cells for Java 95 format file Bug
CELLSJAVA-42931 Attachments/Objects not fetched from Excel95 Bug
CELLSJAVA-43051 Aspect ratio not maintained for the picture Bug
CELLSJAVA-43057 Issue with adding header picture to the first page in the output Excel Bug
CELLSJAVA-43069 MS Excel gives a repair message when opening the re-saved file by Aspose.Cells Bug
CELLSJAVA-43060 Exception “java.lang.NullPointerException” on after setting external data source as empty Exception
CELLSJAVA-42923 Exceptions while loading XLS Document Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.BaseField property

Please use PivotField.BaseFieldIndex instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.BaseItem property

Please use PivotField.BaseItemIndex instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.IsValueShown property

Use DataLabels.ShowValue property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.IsPercentageShown property

Use DataLabels.ShowPercentage property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.IsBubbleSizeShown property

Use DataLabels.ShowBubbleSize property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.IsCategoryNameShown property

Use DataLabels.ShowCategoryName property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.IsSeriesNameShown property

Use DataLabels.ShowSeriesName property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.IsLegendKeyShown property

Use DataLabels.ShowLegendKey property instead.

Adds LoadOptions.KeepUnparsedData option

The option denotes whether to keep the unparsed data in memory for the Workbook when it is loaded from a template file. If users do not need to fully save the workbook back, especially when they only need to read some special content of the workbook(such as by some kind of LoadFilter), the unparsed data is not needed anymore and they may set this property as false to get better performance. For old versions, when loading Workbook from a template file with user-specified LoadFilter, for performance consideration the unparsed data was not kept. Now we provide this option and make its default value true, it may influence the performance of users' cases of using LoadFilter. If so, users should set this property as false explicitly in their application.

Adds LoadDataFilterOptions.Picture option

The option denoting whether the Picture should be loaded.

Adds LoadDataFilterOptions.OleObject option

The option denoting whether OleObject should be loaded.

Adds LoadDataFilterOptions.Drawing option

The option denoting whether drawing objects(including Chart, Picture, OleObject, and all other drawing objects) should be loaded.

Obsoletes LoadDataFilterOptions.Shape option

Please use (LoadDataFilterOptions.Drawing & ~LoadDataFilterOptions.Chart) instead of LoadDataFilterOptions.Shape.

Adds FormulaParseOptions class

Provides user options for setting formulas.

Adds methods: Cell.SetFormula(string formula,FormulaParseOptions options,object value),SetArrayFormula(string arrayFormula,int rowNumber,int columnNumber,FormulaParseOptions options),SetSharedFormula(string sharedFormula,int rowNumber,int columnNumber,FormulaParseOptions options)

Sets formulas with options.

Obsoletes methods: Cell.SetFormula(string formula,bool isR1C1,bool isLocal,object value),SetArrayFormula(string arrayFormula,int rowNumber,int columnNumber,bool isR1C1,bool isLocal),SetSharedFormula(string sharedFormula,int rowNumber,int columnNumber,bool isR1C1,bool isLocal)

Please use corresponding methods with FormulaParseOptions instead.

Adds FileFormatType.OTP enum

Supports detecting the .OTP file format.

Adds AutoFitterOptions.AutoFitWrappedTextType property and AutoFitWrappedTextType enum.

Gets and sets the type of auto fitting wrapped text.

Adds EmfRenderSetting class

Sets for rendering EMF metafile.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.EmfRenderSetting property

Sets for rendering EMF metafile while rendering to PDF file.

Adds ShapeCollection.AddSvg() method

Adds svg image.

Adds WorkbookSettings.QuotePrefixToStyle property

Indicates whether setting Style.QuotePrefix property when entering the string value(which starts with a single quote mark ) to the cell

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.AddTooltipText property

Indicates whether adding tooltip text when the data can’t be fully displayed. The default value is false.