Aspose.Cells for Java 2.1.2 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Jav!

What’s changed:

  • Provides Chart-to-Image feature. Imports RichText from SpreadSheetML template file. Supports to export Name object with external references for SpreadSheetML file. Exports Pictures in PageSetup for Excel 2007 files. Imports TextBox controls from Excel 2007 files. Provides support to set record limit when importing data from ResultSet for Smart Markers. Sets the position of a Shape to the center of given range. Supports to add calculated field for a PivotTable. Supports to get/set VeryHidden property for a Worksheet. Adds new formula to the supported formulas list: FREQUENCY Recognizes the file format automatically for LightCells API. Enhances style’s model for performance consideration. Improves the API regarding Comment for performance consideration. Enhances the performance of reading large Excel 2007 files. Boosts the performance of LightCells API for large Excel 2007 files. Reading operation for a document’s properties is enhanced. Importing CSV files operation is enhanced. 67 fixes and enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for Java 2.1.2

Issue ID Component Summary
6245 xls Gather styles
6362 xls Copy style when inserting rows/columns
11871 xls Copy cell range
11890 html Read Conditional formatting
11891 chart LogarithmicBase property of ValueAxis
11911 SpreadSheetML Save style
11928 xls Read template file
11943 SpreadSheetML Read special file generated by OWC
11973 SpreadSheetML Read special file generated by OWC
12006 CSV Read csv file
12032 FormulaEngine COUNTIF formula
12034 xls Auto fit columns
12056 FormulaEngine IF formula
12080 chart Formatted value of ChartFrame
12105 xls Read row height
12128 chart Get marker
12138 chart Read marker
12184 xls Copy formulas
12229 SpreadSheetML Read rich text
12238 xlsx Performance of reading template file
12238 xlsx Performance of reading template file
12243 chart ASeries’s type
12253 xls Hyperlink’s link type
12271 chart DataLabels
12275 xls LightCells
12317 chart Title’s text
12324 Chart2Image ImageOption
12347 SpreadSheetML Hyperlink
12434 chart GradientFill
12477 xlsx LightCells
12493 xlsx Read Conditional formatting
12498 chart ChartPoints and LegendEntries collection
12575 chart PlotArea’s size
12576 chart ErrorBar
12622 xlsx Read shared formula
12625 xlsx Read chart
12667 xls Datetime value
12684 CSV Read number
12717 xls Picture with Mac OS
12727 xls Read document properties
12750 xls Get hyperlink of shape
12870 xlsx Read drawing object
12880 Chart2Image Draw chart
12894 PivotTable addCalculateField() method
12915 xlsx Save String value
12957 SpreadSheetML Save document properties
12971 xls VeryHidden property of worksheet
13012 Chart2Image Unsupported Font in special environment
13101 xlsx Read PageSetup and style
13270 xls Position shape
13385 xls Copy AutoFilter
13386 xlsx Save xlsx file
13403 xls Save style
13418 xls Read AutoFilter
13448 Smart Marker Record limit for ResultSet datasource
13614 xlsx Picture in PageSetup
13639 xls Create TextBox
13679 xlsx Read xlsx file with Apache zip tool
13725 chart Copy Axis
13735 xls Formulas of FormatConditions/Validations
13736 xls Date format
13821 xls Performance of creating Comment
14056 chart Gradient fill
14108 xls Copy PageBreaks
14116 xls Delete data
14146 Chart2Image Chart2Image
14246 xls Copy PageSetup

Notable changes for users:

In old versions, Cell.getStyle()/Row.getStyle()/Column.getStyle() methods might cause Cell/Row/Column maintain their own Style object. Modification of the returned Style object for getStyle() later will change the Cell/Row/Column’s style directly.

From this version, all Style objects that set to Cell/Row/Column will be gathered for performance considerations and Cell/Row/Column will only maintain a style reference. Modification of the returned Style object for getStyle() later will not change the Cell/Row/Column’s style. To make the modification take effect, users need to call setStyle() for Cell/Row/Column after the style is modified.

This rule is required for Style.getFont()/getColor()/getPatternColor()/getBorderColor() methods too. In old versions, modification of the returned Font/Color object might cause the style change directly. In the new version, after making changes for the Font/Color object, users need to call Style.setFont()/setColor()/setPatternColor()/setBorderColor() to make the modification take effect.