Aspose.Cells for Java 2.3.0 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Java 2.3.0!

What’s changed:

  • Supports saving PDF files directly without using Aspose.Pdf for Java.
  • Includes EMF image format support for Chart-to-Image feature.
  • Imports CalculationMode attribute from MS Excel 2007 template files.
  • Worksheet’s Copy operation is enhanced.
  • Enhances Copying Formulas.
  • Improves reading ODS files with ODF 1.2.
  • Improves reading Charts with gradient fill effect.
  • Reading XLS template files is optimized.
  • 31 fixes and enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for Java 2.3.0.

Issue ID Component Summary
16386 xls Copying worksheet
17416 xls Insert Column issue
17424 xls Sort Names
17635 xls Read conditional formatting
17491 xls Getting Cells issue
17520 xlsx R/W column width
17284 html Export pictures, read template file
17355 xls Invalid Number format
17232 xls Picture in page setup
17282 xls Auto-fit column width
17182 pdf Number format issue
17118 xls Shape position issue
17174 formula Get formula string
17001 formula Set formula
16997 xls Remove shapes
17107 ODS Save Charts in ODS files
17016 xls Copy cells, read template file
17140 xls Read template file
17019 xlsx Read CalculationMode property
16870 xlsx Save xlsx file
16986 xls Change file format
15975 html Save html – Performance issue
16872 xls Read template file issue
16890 xls Save extended style records
16001 Xls2pdf Print titles is not working
17396 Chart2Image Illegal pattern character error
16650 Chart2Image Long category labels issue
17403 Chart2Image IllegalArgumentException issue
17431 Chart2Image Line feed in Title
14681 Chart2Image Axis Tick Labels issue
16037 Chart2Image Legend Entries are wrong
16836 Chart2Image Data Labels Alignment