Aspose.Cells for Java 2.3.1 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for Java 2.3.1!

What’s changed:

  • Provides support for AES encryption type for Excel 2007 files.
  • Supports reading/writing PivotTables for Excel 2007 files.
  • Adds svg/svgz image format support for Chart to Image feature.
  • Supports multiple print areas for PageSetup options.
  • Sets custom number formats for PivotField.
  • Includes new Built-in document properties for Excel 2007 file.
  • Combines multiple Workbooks.
  • Supports to save PDF to Stream for the direct Excel to PDF feature.
  • An enhancement is made for reading/writing Excel 2007 files.
  • An enhancement is made for reading/writing Excel 2003 files.
  • An enhancement is made for reading XLS template files.
  • 25 fixes and other enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for Java 2.3.1

Issue ID Component Summary
9189 Xlsx AES encryption type for Excel 2007 files
10798 Xls Combine workbooks
14946 Pdf Direct xls2pdf: save to OutputStream
17818 Xlsx Reading the template file
17835 Html Line coloring, RichText format
17837 Xls Column width issue
17960 Pdf Generated PDF remains empty
17963 Xls getStringValue()
17968 Chart2Image Chart2Image
17989 SmartMarker Dynamic formulas
17998 Xls Copy worksheet, copy formula
18042 Xlsx Setting standard column width for sheet
18096 Pdf Saving Pdf
18181 Xlsx Saving Pivot Table for Excel 2007 file
18188 Xlsx Setting font name for Excel 2007 file
18201 Xls Cell.getDependents() throws exception
18257 Pdf Print areas in exported PDF
18274 Xls Removing worksheet with pictures
18288 Pdf Improving performance of saving Pdf
18307 Xlsx Excel 2007 Document Properties
18328 Xls Setting custom format to pivotField dataField
18345 Xlsx Saving Chart for Excel 2007 files
18459 Xlsx Saving document property for Excel 2007 file
18467 Chart Getting DataLabels properties
13971 Xlsx PivotTable