Aspose.Cells for Java v2.1.0 Release Notes

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We are pleased to announce Aspose.Cells for Java v2.1.0!

What’s changed:

l Add new features for Open Document Spreadsheet file(ODS): Hyperlink, Page Setup options, Group outline, Conditional formatting, Data validation, AutoFilter, Page Break, PrintTitleRows/Columns, Shapes related objects(Comment, Arc, Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, GroupBox, GroupShape, Label, Line, ListBox, OleObject, Oval, Picture, RadioButton, Rectangle, ScrollBar, Spinner, TextBox), Chart.

l Provide new features for MS Excel 2007 file format: Inserting Pictures, Adding Charts.

l Support to update controls via the linked cell(s), and vice versa: CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox, RadioButton, ScrollBar, Spinner.

l Access Shape’s properties: Name, ZOrderPosition.

l Apply Subtotals to worksheet tables.

l Calculate Hyperlink function.

l Delete user defined Names.

l Include AutoFilter attributes when copying Workbook/Worksheet.

l Support for hyperlinks in xls2pdf conversion.

l Extract Ole Objects in the template file.

l Fixed some bugs for R/W ODS.

l 48 fixes and other enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for Java v2.1.0

Issue ID Component Summary
9771 xls Hyperlink’s address
9770 xls template files that contains large MSODrawing data
9769 xls update controls via the linked cell, and vice versa
9768 xls Shape’s name and ZOrderPosition
9716 xls formula
9715 xls Comment
9686 xls Strong Workbook Encryption
9674 xls Cell.getStringValue() for rounding decimal values
9498 xls reading template files that contain both BIFF7 and BIFF8 records
9616 xls PageSetup.Print_Titles/Print_Areas
9499 xls merge cells
9500 chart Axis of Chart
7919 Xls SUBTOTAL function
7953 Xls2pdf hyperlinks for xls2pdf
9343 xls Worksheet.unFreezePanes/freezePanes
9344 xls dynamic formulas in SmartMarker
9363 xls SmartMarker with horizontal flag:
9364 xlsx closes user’s output stream
9404 xls reading template file that created by Microsoft Jet Engine
9264 CSV importing/exporting CSV file format
9265 Xls2Pdf merged cells in xls2pdf
9173 xlsx Style.isCellLocked() property for Excel2007 file format
9174 xls set picture’s size in Header/Footer of PageSetup
9190 xlsx Row height for Excel2007 file format
9204 xls Deleting user defined Name
8759 xls Column width
8894 xls Validation
7965 xls formula HYPERLINK
8760 xls Date value for SmartMarker
8700 xls CheckBox
8701 xls Setting linked cell for controls
8603 xls setting FitToPagesWide/FitToPagesTall property of PageSetup
8389 xls ROUND formula
8417 xls Style of non-standard xls template file created by Jsperreport
8111 xls Shape properties
8284 xls Copy AutoFilter when copying Worksheet/Workbook
8124 SpreadSheetML SpreadSheetML
8251 Xlsx nonstandard xlsx file generated by some other tools than MSExcel
7900 xls OleObjects