Accessing and Modifying the Value of a Cell

Access and Modify Cell Value using Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop

Before accessing and modifying the value of a cell, we should know that how to access cells. There are three approaches to access cells of a worksheet. For more details about these three approaches, please Accessing Cells in a Worksheet.

Each cell has a property named Value . So, once a cell is accessed, developers can access and modify the contents of the Value property in order to access and change the value of a cell.

IMPORTANT: Using Value property of a cell to modify its value is a good approach for setting the value of a single or few cells. If you need to set the values of many cells then the performance of this approach would not be good. So, to set the values of many cells, you should use SetCellValue method of the cell for improving the performance of your applications. A modified version of the above code snippet using SetCellValue method is shown below.