Aspose.Cells for .NET 16.12.0 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-41702 Load specific worksheets in the Workbook (for MS Excel 2007/2010) New Feature 
CELLSNET-44943 Support OTS file format  New Feature 
CELLSNET-44862 Expand/Collapse grouped rows/columns (Aspose.Cells.GridWeb) New Feature 
CELLSNET-44965 Date values prior to 2000 are incorrectly parsed Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44954 Fraction formatting gave incorrect formatted result Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44944 Make the font substitution mechanism as per .NET’s default behaviour Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44935 API is not able to locate default fonts in Linux under Mono Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44899 Low performance while calculating the formulas for second time Performance
CELLSNET-44967 Performance considerations for NameCollection.Remove method Performance
CELLSNET-44964 Aspose.Cells is hanging when CalculateFormula() is used on Workbook. Performance
CELLSNET-44819 Unable to save source Excel file into HTML and it gets time out Performance
CELLSNET-44960 Pivot Table formatting is lost while converting spreadsheet to PDF file format  Bug 
CELLSNET-44951 Row data is misplaced while rendering spreadsheet to PDF after refreshing Pivot Table Bug 
CELLSNET-44950 Cell shading is missing while rendering spreadsheet to PDF after refreshing Pivot Table Bug 
CELLSNET-44949 Blank columns are missing while rendering spreadsheet to PDF after refreshing Pivot Table Bug 
CELLSNET-44930 Column is missing in Pivot Table after refreshing and conversion to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44929 Data is missing in Pivot Table after refreshing and conversion to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44908 Spreadsheet containing slicers gets corrupted after simple resave operation Bug 
CELLSNET-44206 Calling RefreshData on pivot table corrupts resultant spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSNET-44184 Refreshing pivot tables and charts generate corrupt XLSX file Bug 
CELLSNET-44974 Cell shading is messed up while refreshing the Pivot Table and rendering to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44972 Cell Shading applied to wrong cell while refreshing Pivot Table and rendering to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44963 Save to PDF creates extra borders for the rows Bug 
CELLSNET-44927 Datatype considered as DateTime if custom format contains Magenta Bug 
CELLSNET-44921 Row height has been changed after simple re-save operation Bug 
CELLSNET-44916 Workbook.CalculateFormula() method calculates the value of cell B8 wrongly Bug 
CELLSNET-44910 An additional character 4 appears on converting an ODS to PDF file format Bug 
CELLSNET-44958 Font substitution does not occur with FontConfigs.PreferSystemFontSubstitutes set to true Bug 
CELLSNET-44937 Excel to PDF rendering - Some words are cut into two in the merged area Bug 
CELLSNET-44933 Exporting Excel Charts to SVG Bug 
CELLSNET-44914 Margin on the right hand side is bigger than in MS Excel when printed or saved as PDF  Bug 
CELLSNET-44931 Save to PDF creates extra blank page. Bug 
CELLSNET-44926 PNG image of the chart does not match with MS-Excel chart Bug 
CELLSNET-44912 Time used to convert XLS to XLSX is high Bug 
CELLSNET-44905 PDF export displays 0 on stack charts Bug 
CELLSNET-44902 Issue with chart’s data series in Excel to PDF rendering Bug 
CELLSNET-44897 Image of the chart with title Life is not correct Bug 
CELLSNET-44890 Series DataLabel value and percentage showing VALUE and PERCENTAGE after simple resave Bug 
CELLSNET-44883 X-axis (Data Table) is not the same in the rendered PDF file Bug 
CELLSNET-44833 Incorrect rendering of lines while converting spreadsheet to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44831 API renders extra legend with SheetRender when ImageOrPrintOptions.OnlyArea is set to false Bug 
CELLSNET-44803 Chart’s data stacked portion missing in the output Chart after using Chart.Calculate() method Bug 
CELLSNET-44979 Aspose is enabling split option on freeze panes while saving it in XLSB format Bug 
CELLSNET-44953 Cell.Copy does not copy format from one workbook to another Bug 
CELLSNET-44945 RTL sheets are converted to LTR while converting XLSX to ODS Bug 
CELLSNET-44922 Defined Name Print_Area is changed after re-save operation Bug 
CELLSNET-44920 Conditional Formatting rule has been changed after simple re-save operation Bug 
CELLSNET-44918 Shape image replacement functionality works incorrect on x86 OS  Bug 
CELLSNET-44915 Style not applied correctly to Excel row when setting default style Bug 
CELLSNET-44913 Issue with chart names: not able to generate unique name Bug 
CELLSNET-44911 Inconsistent cell style API call results regarding borders Bug 
CELLSNET-44904 Opening and re-saving unmodified Excel file is getting a prompt Bug 
CELLSNET-44959 Contents disappear after scroll down and then up again while switching another worksheet (GridWeb)  Bug 
CELLSNET-44925 Contents will disappear after scroll down and then up again in one worksheet (GridWeb) Bug 
CELLSNET-44906 Gridweb - Error message when cells are changed Bug 
CELLSNET-44860 Fixed rows are duplicated when scroll down and up again (GridWeb) Bug 
CELLSNET-44859 GridWeb loads the worksheet incomplete Bug 
CELLSNET-44858 Scrollbar postback never ends (GridWeb)  Bug 
CELLSNET-44734 GridWeb’s visible area changes when cell is left via TAB or Enter key Bug 
CELLSNET-44907 CellsException due to line break inside cell spanning multiple rows Exception 
CELLSNET-44893 Aspose.Cell ArithmeticException when calling Chart.ToImage through a CLR compatible C++ DLL Exception 
CELLSNET-44876 CellsException: Shape to image error, while converting spreadsheet to PDF Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection.ScaleCrop and BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection.LinksUpToDate properties.

Gets and sets some builtin document properties.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.Rotation property.

Use DataLabels.RotationAngle property instead.

Deletes obsoleted Title.Rotation property.

Use Title.RotationAngle property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DataLabels.Background property.

Use DataLabels.BackgroundMode property instead.

Deletes obsoleted DisplayUnitLabel.Rotation property.

Use DisplayUnitLabel.RotationAngle property instead.

JAVA Deletes obsoleted Title.getCharacters() method.

Use Title.characters() method instead.

Adds LoadFilter class and LoadOptions.LoadFilter property.

Allows user to control what data should be loaded while loading a Workbook from template file.

Obsoletes LoadOptions.LoadDataFilterOptions property.

Use LoadOptions.LoadFilter property instead. Example: LoadOptions.LoadFilter = new LoadFilter(LoadDataFilterOptions.All & ~LoadDataFilterOptions.Chart);

Obsoletes LoadOptions.OnlyLoadDocumentProperties property.

Use LoadOptions.LoadFilter property instead. Usage: LoadOptions.LoadFilter = new LoadFilter(LoadDataFilterOptions.DocumentProperties);

Obsoletes LoadOptions.LoadDataAndFormatting property.

Use LoadOptions.LoadFilter property instead. Usage: LoadOptions.LoadFilter = new LoadFilter(LoadDataFilterOptions.CellData);

Obsoletes LoadOptions.LoadDataOptions property.

Use LoadFilter property instead, user may extend LoadFilter to filter the worksheet and data.

Adds Workbook.ExportXml(string mapName, string path) method.

Export XML data.

Adds enum FileFormatType.OTS.

Represents the OTS file format.

Adds WorksheetCollection.CreateRange() method.

Creates a range.

Adds FontConfigs.PreferSystemFontSubstitutes property.

Indicate whether to use system font substitutes first or not when a font is not present and the substitute of this font is not set.