Aspose.Cells for .NET 17.8 Release Notes

Key  Summary  Category 
CELLSNET-45357  Option to disable downlevel-revealed type of conditional comments during export to HTML  New Feature 
CELLSNET-45330  Render comments when saving as image, HTML or PDF  New Feature 
CELLSNET-45014  Support style.xml of the chart since office 2013  New Feature 
CELLSNET-45501  Set Default Style of GridDesktop similar to Aspose.Cells.Workbook.DefaultStyle both on Design Time and Run Time  New Feature 
CELLSNET-44243  Skip locked cells while navigating with Tab on GridDesktop component  New Feature 
CELLSNET-45517  Add support for Share xlsx file  Enhancement
CELLSNET-45554  Synchronize or update the Comment in Client-side after Cell Comment is updated in Server-side  Enhancement
CELLSNET-45530  MS Excel consumes more memory (approx. 2GB) to open the output file  Performance 
CELLSNET-45531  Position of shape text is wrong in the output PDF - Excel to PDF conversion  Bug 
CELLSNET-45507  Diagrams not rendered correctly in Output Pdf  Bug 
CELLSNET-45477  Issues with rendering shapes in Sheet to image conversion  Bug 
CELLSNET-45473  Text Alignment issues when saving an XLS file as HTML by Aspose.Cells APIs  Bug 
CELLSNET-45536  Text being cut when rendering Excel sheet to Image  Bug 
CELLSNET-45524  Redundant line appeared while rendering shapes in Sheet to image conversion  Bug 
CELLSNET-45522  Cells to PDF - footer not wrapping when the footer text contains  Bug 
CELLSNET-45512  Aspose.Cells creates massive EMF file when rendering Sheet to image file  Bug 
CELLSNET-45508  Data is being truncated even after auto fit rows  Bug 
CELLSNET-45495  Add digital signatures to already signed document  Bug 
CELLSNET-45553  Chart in resulted PDF has unexpected values  Bug 
CELLSNET-45551  Image become black when rendering to PDF file format  Bug 
CELLSNET-45547  Sparklines are not smoother in the output EMF image  Bug 
CELLSNET-45514  ErrorBar caps are not rendered correctly  Bug 
CELLSNET-45398  Secondary axis title in charts was rendered incorrectly  Bug 
CELLSNET-45570  Excel file is corrupt due to data validation range after opening and resaving it via Aspose.Cells APIs  Bug 
CELLSNET-45560  Error message is shown in Microsoft Excel after calling RemoveMacro() method  Bug 
CELLSNET-45555  Cells.GroupRows isHidden attribute displaying incorrectly with nested groups  Bug 
CELLSNET-45552  Linked images are duplicated inside the chart when opening and re-saving an XLSX file  Bug 
CELLSNET-45549  Output XLS file is corrupt on opening and saving Source Xls file  Bug 
CELLSNET-45548  SpreadsheetML AllowFilter element doesn’t work in the output XLSX  Bug 
CELLSNET-45546  Missing cell data while opening and saving ODS file  Bug 
CELLSNET-45544  While moving the range, the formula only refers to the first cell of the range  Bug 
CELLSNET-45543  Moving conditionally formatted cells removes formatting  Bug 
CELLSNET-45541  H7 in space.xlsx - space is not displayed  Bug 
CELLSNET-45540  H9 value in ref.xlsx changes on saving  Bug 
CELLSNET-45534  Workbook.Unprotect method is working even with wrong password  Bug
CELLSNET-45532  Allow whole number data validation with formula not working  Bug 
CELLSNET-45529  ListObject.Resize changes format and sets filter  Bug 
CELLSNET-45520  Comment fields are not correctly opened from SpreadsheetML  Bug 
CELLSNET-45518  Data Validation in the output Excel file is not working  Bug 
CELLSNET-45509  Embedded objects/images are not rendered in Excel to PDF conversion  Bug 
CELLSNET-45505  Some shapes are displaced in XLS file when extracting and re-inserting images  Bug 
CELLSNET-45504  Leading quote characters missing from output xlsx file  Bug 
CELLSNET-45502  Workbook duplication generate corrupted file for Excel 2016/2007  Bug 
CELLSNET-45527  By applying group rows to hidden rows (in frozen pane) causes the GridWeb uneditable  Bug 
CELLSNET-45523  Some hidden rows are wrongly displayed in GridDesktop  Bug 
CELLSNET-45472  Exception: “Shape to image Error” when rendering a XLSX file to PDF file format  Exception 
CELLSNET-45550  System.NullReferenceException on opening the source Excel file  Exception 
CELLSNET-45526  Exception when saving XLSX files to XLSB file format  Exception 
CELLSNET-45519  Exception on opening the template XLSB file (Office 365 (1707 update))  Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.IsExportComments property

Indicates if exporting comments when saving file to html, the default value is false.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.DisableDownlevelRevealedComments property

Indicates if disable Downlevel-revealed conditional comments when exporting file to html, the default value is false.

Adds CustomImplementationFactory class

Provides API for user to extend/improve the component’s ability by some special implementations for some special situations. For example, when there is enough memory on the system but probably not enough contiguous memory for processing large file, user may use RecyclableMemoryStream instead of MemoryStream to avoid the System.OutOfMemoryException.

Adds CellsHelper.CustomImplementationFactory property

Gets/sets the CustomImplementationFactory instance used by cells component.

Adds Workbook.AddDigitalSignature(DigitalSignatureCollection digitalSignatureCollection) method

Adds digital signature to a already signed OOXML spreadsheet file (Excel2007 and later).

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.OutputBlankPageWhenNothingToPrint property

Indicates whether to output a blank page when there is nothing to print.

Adds GridCell.CreateComment method

Creates a comment object for a cell.

Adds GridCell.RemoveComment method

Removes the comment object of the cell.

Adds GridCell.GetComment method

Gets comment object on this cell .

Adds GridDesktop.DefaultCellFont property

Gets or sets the default font of the cell.

Adds GridDesktop.DefaultCellFontColor property

Gets or sets the default font color of the cell.

Usage Examples

Please check the list of help topics added in the Aspose.Cells Wiki docs: