Aspose.Cells for .NET 18.11 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-46377 Check if a cell has circular formula New Feature 
CELLSNET-46399 Exception occurred while calling PivotTable.RefreshData() New Feature 
CELLSNET-46394 Fetch Pivot Table refresh date similar to Interop.Excel New Feature 
CELLSNET-46261 Replacement of the texts in SmartArt doesn’t work New Feature 
CELLSNET-46435 GetValidationValue returns wrong value for large numbers Enhancement 
CELLSNET-46117 Text position changes a bit on ungrouping the shape Enhancement 
CELLSNET-46400 It hangs while calling PivotTable.RefreshData Performance
CELLSNET-46441 Cell.GetDisplayStyle() hangs for a cell Performance
CELLSNET-46423 Formatting issues while converting XLSX to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-46410 Pivot table format gets messed up after refresh Bug 
CELLSNET-46404 Processing diagrams same way as images when saving HTML Bug 
CELLSNET-46388 File is corrupt after loading and re-saving an XLSX file format Bug 
CELLSNET-46387 Problem sorting pivot table Bug 
CELLSNET-46366 Borders and background colors are missing while converting the HTML to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-46365 Referenced CSS style sheets ignored while opening HTML  Bug 
CELLSNET-46431 VLookup formula result is different than MS Excel result Bug 
CELLSNET-46430 Array formula is not working after Workbook.Combine in XLSX to XLSB conversion Bug 
CELLSNET-46428 Name.RefersTo is not retrieving the correct value Bug 
CELLSNET-46413 Creating XLSX with conditional formatting produces corrupted file Bug 
CELLSNET-46403 Array formula is not working after Workbook.Combine to save to XLSB file format Bug 
CELLSNET-46396 Workbook saved as SVG is corrupted as it is actually TIFF file Bug 
CELLSNET-46420 Graph in PDF getting spike issue Bug 
CELLSNET-46411 It hangs while converting XLSX to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-46408 Data markers are missing in the output chart image from MS Excel file Bug 
CELLSNET-46393 Axis labels misaligned after converting MS Excel chart to PNG image format Bug 
CELLSNET-46359 Variation in the font-size for labels in the chart in the output SVG file Bug 
CELLSNET-46433 Conditional formatting are deleted while deleting named range Bug 
CELLSNET-46427 MS Excel reports a problem after open/save with Aspose.Cells Bug 
CELLSNET-46421 Document CreatedTime property changes after saved into the stream Bug 
CELLSNET-46417 Wrap text not working along with an empty line above the text Bug 
CELLSNET-46416 Charts data lost while loading and saving the XLSX file Bug 
CELLSNET-46409 Problem with Dropdown list after converting from XML Bug 
CELLSNET-46407 Initialization of workbook takes too long when loading an XLSM file format Bug 
CELLSNET-46397 Graph title is lost while converting XLS to XLSM Bug 
CELLSNET-46401 ArgumentException while working with generated HTML file Exception 
CELLSNET-46426 Exception while calling AutoFitColumns() Exception
CELLSNET-46415 CellsException exception during save when ParsingFormulaOnOpen is false Exception 
CELLSNET-46422 Exception while processing smart tags Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds PivotTable.RefreshedByWho property

Gets the name of the user who refreshed the PivotTable last time.

Adds PivotTable.RefreshDate property

Gets the date when the PivotTable was refreshed last time.

Adds CalculationData.CellRow/CellColumn properties

Provides efficient way for user to get cell’s row and column indices instead of fetching the Cell object.

Adds CalculationCell class

Represents the calculation data about one cell being calculated.

Adds AbstractCalculationMonitor.OnCircular(IEnumerator circularCellsData) method

Provides method for user to gather and process circular references.

Adds TxtLoadOptions.TreatConsecutiveDelimitersAsOne property

Allows user to choose whether consecutive delimiters should be taken as one when importing CSV file.

Adds FormatCondition.SetFormulas(string formula1, string formula2, bool isR1C1, bool isLocal) method

Provides efficient and convenient way for user to set formulas for FormatCondition.

Adds Validation.GetListValue(int row, int column) method

Allows user to get the value to produce the list for the Validation of specific cell.

Obsoletes ValidationCollection.Add(Validation validation) method

Use ValidationCollection.Add(CellArea) method instead.

Adds Validation.Copy(Aspose.Cells.Validation,Aspose.Cells.CopyOptions) method

Copies validation.

Adds CreatedUniversalTime ,LastPrintedUniversalTime and LastSavedUniversalTime properties of BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection

Returns UTC time about the builtin properties.

Adds OoxmlSaveOptions.UpdateSmartArt property

Indicates whether updating the smart art.

Adds SmartArtShape class

Represents the smart art shape.