Aspose.Cells for .NET 18.3 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-42655 Group pivot fields in the Pivot Table   New Feature 
CELLSNET-45960 Change the dot from NumPad to decimal separator (',') - Aspose.Cells.GridWeb New Feature 
CELLSNET-45966 Cause of exception during backward HTML-to-Cells conversion Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45976 Error opening ODS file due to possibly different frameworks keep different precision for float values Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45981 Add property to the StyleFlag to be set to false to not override the QuotePrefix value Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45957 Support keeping the map chart in the template file  Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45941 ActiveX control becomes picture when copying sheet from one workbook to another workbook Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45928 Data validation - GridWeb should display a dialog with an error message Enhancement 
CELLSNET-45935 Workbook.CalculateFormula hangs infinitely when setting specific value to the cell Performance
CELLSNET-45920 Underline of text “KEY DRIVERS:” is broken in the output image Bug 
CELLSNET-45939 Besides broken underline, text is also misaligned as shown in provided screenshot Bug 
CELLSNET-45890 Some shapes are not rendered completely as a few parts are missing Bug 
CELLSNET-45878 Output Excel file of new version crashes the Microsoft Excel 2016 Bug 
CELLSNET-43360 Style issue with HTML to Excel rendering Bug 
CELLSNET-45979 VLOOKUPS formula calculation is not working correctly Bug 
CELLSNET-45949 Cell text alignment (having mixed fonts) is changed in the converted image Bug 
CELLSNET-45940 Conditional formatting not applied while converting Excel file to PDF file format  Bug 
CELLSNET-45896 Unwanted borders appear around the image when Excel file is saved to PDF  Bug 
CELLSNET-45942 The cell reference for the data label gets lost after open/save Bug 
CELLSNET-45923 Last axis label i.e. Jun 17 is missing from the chart image Bug 
CELLSNET-45911 Bad position and line in the rendering of Market Risk chart Bug 
CELLSNET-45908 Bad position in chart rendering  Bug 
CELLSNET-45906 Missing label in chart rendering  Bug 
CELLSNET-45884 Smart Art chart on tab - cones edges are jagged in the output PDF file format Bug 
CELLSNET-45989 Dialogs not saving correctly in XLSM files Bug 
CELLSNET-45977 Worksheet.Protect(ProtectionType.Objects) does not work for XLS files Bug 
CELLSNET-45946 Hyperlink with hyphen in scheme breaks during save Bug 
CELLSNET-45944 ConvertToRange() method breaks the Names in Name Manager Bug 
CELLSNET-45905 Excel hangs when try to open the output workbook i.e. “_function plot 2D.xlsx” twice Bug 
CELLSNET-45904 Excel hangs when try to open the output workbook twice Bug 
CELLSNET-45959 Aspose.Cells.GridWeb culture date issue Bug
CELLSNET-45929 Column group does not work in GridWeb Bug 
CELLSNET-45926 Tabs are not visible or partially visible on GridWeb in IE 11 Bug 
CELLSNET-45925 Offset issue in GridWeb worksheet on IE 11 Bug 
” is embedded into the cell on cell change in Aspose.Cells.GridWeb
CELLSNET-45914 Formula disappear after validating/updating the value in the cell Bug 
CELLSNET-45912 Error after validating a cell according to the validation method Bug 
CELLSNET-45894 Controls do not work correctly probably because of loading two GridWebs Bug 
CELLSNET-45987 Exception on opening an XLSX file via Aspose.Cells APIs Exception 
CELLSNET-45951 Invalid formula throws exception at start Exception 
CELLSNET-45950 Exception when loading an ODS file Exception 
CELLSNET-45947 Exception: Invalid formula:"=sheet3!#ref!" when opening an XLSX file Exception 
CELLSNET-45938 System.IndexOutOfRangeException on opening XLSB files Exception 
CELLSNET-45937 System.FormatException occurs while opening XLSX file Exception 
CELLSNET-45903 Loading XLSX causes StackOverflowException Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.ExportSimilarBorderStyle property

Indicates whether exporting the similar border style when the border style is not supported by browsers. If you want to import the HTML or MHT file to Excel, please keep the default value. The default value is false.

Adds Axis.AxisLabels property

Gets the labels of the axis after calling Chart.Calculate() method.

Adds new enum type: GridValidationType.CustomServerFunction

Represents custom server-side function validation.

Adds ChartType.Map enum

Represents the map chart.

Adds OleObject.Label property

Gets and sets the display label of the linked Ole Object.

Adds BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection.DocumentVersion property

Represents the version of the file.

Adds StyleFlag.QuotePrefix enum

Indicates whether applying the style’s QuotePrefix property.

Adds DialogBox class

Represents the dialog box sheet.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.DrawObjectEventHandler property

Gets and sets DrawObjectEventHandler to get DrawObject and Bound while rendering.

Adds DrawObject.Shape property

Gets the related Shape while rendering.