Aspose.Cells for .NET 19.2 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-46582 Support Range.Hyperlinks property New Feature
CELLSNET-46534 Int32 can be small for Cells.count attribute Enhancement
CELLSNET-46552 Differentiate encrypted XLSX from encrypted PPTX and encrypted DOCX Enhancement
CELLSNET-46568 Setting Box Whisker chart style Enhancement
CELLSNET-46573 Replace invalid characters with suitable symbols like brackets Enhancement
CELLSNET-46581 Open/save removes table alternative text Enhancement
CELLSNET-46584 Performance Issue with Aspose.Cells APIs Performance
CELLSNET-46556 Text of TextBox is cut Bug
CELLSNET-46565 Pictograms are not visible in the output PDF in Excel to PDF rendering Bug
CELLSNET-46477 Conditional formatting in Pivot table does not work in a copied sheet Bug
CELLSNET-46547 Content missing from HTML to Excel Conversion Bug
CELLSNET-46566 XLSX file corrupt after saving with Aspose.Cells APIs Bug
CELLSNET-46572 XLSB is corrupted while adding more than 1 data field whereas XLSX works fine Bug
CELLSNET-46548 NumberValue issue while converting XLSX to PDF file format Bug
CELLSNET-46557 Wrong cell value calculated by Aspose.Cells formula calculation engine Bug
CELLSNET-46578 Worksheet.AutoFitColumns() is not fully fitting columns Bug
CELLSNET-46550 Labels text messed up when converting MS Excel chart to images Bug
CELLSNET-46558 Tick marks of chart are lost when reading and saving an ODS file Bug
CELLSNET-46560 The name of series is lost when saving an ODS file Bug
CELLSNET-46561 The default border of plot area in chart should not be visible for ODS file Bug
CELLSNET-46562 X axis’s gridlines are removed when reading and saving XLSX file Bug
CELLSNET-46569 Page Setup settings changed after loading and saving the MS Excel file Bug
CELLSNET-46574 Issue with saving and opening XLSB files Bug
CELLSNET-46555 An exception raises while editing some properties Exception
CELLSNET-46571 Exception when opening the output file (after re-saving template file) into MS Excel Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for Java. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds Cells.CountLarge property

Functionally is the same as the Count property, except that the Count property may generate an overflow error when there are too many instantiated Cell objects.

Adds Hyperlink.Delete() method

Deletes this hyperlink.

Gets all hyperlinks in the range.

Adds enum CopyFormatType

Represents the type of copying format when inserting rows.

Adds InsertOptions class and Cells.InsertRows(int, int , InsertOptions) method

Inserting rows with some options.

Adds FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat(Stream,String) and FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat(String,String) methods

Detects the file format of encrypted OOXML file.

Adds ListObject.AlternativeDescription and ListObject.AlternativeText properties

Gets and sets the alternative text and description of the table.

Adds Line.ThemeColor property

Gets and sets the theme color of the line.

Adds Mode3d and MsoModel3dFormat class

Encapsulates the object that represents a single 3D model in a spreadsheet.

Adds ImageType.Gltf enum

Represent the type of 3D model.