Aspose.Cells for .NET 19.4 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-46619 Support saving Markdown format document New Feature
CELLSNET-46124 Support adding WebExtension shape New Feature
CELLSNET-46553 Support importing JSON files New Feature
CELLSNET-46653 Support adding WebExtension task pane New Feature
CELLSNET-46656 Support threaded comments New Feature
CELLSNET-46657 Support cutting and pasting cells New Feature
CELLSNET-46686 Support taking white space (char code 20) as the number group separator for the French language Enhancement
CELLSNET-46649 Large PDF generated as compared to online tool iLovePDF Enhancement
CELLSNET-46093 Charts do not honor Page Setup Black and White Enhancement
CELLSNET-46677 Exporting Excel to PDF does not render Arabic texts precisely in charts Enhancement
CELLSNET-46639 Support vertical page break for ODS file. Enhancement
CELLSNET-46631 Exception OutOfMemoryException while rendering Performance
CELLSNET-46596 Labels missing in shapes Bug
CELLSNET-46615 Shape.ToImage() exports images of different size Bug
CELLSNET-46637 Formatting errors in generated HTML Bug
CELLSNET-46650 PivotTable.ShowValuesRow not set to false programmatically Bug
CELLSNET-46652 Pivot table slicers are removed after load and save Bug
CELLSNET-46678 PivotField.IsRepeatItemLabels is not maintained in output XLSB Bug
CELLSNET-46671 Range.Copy after Range.CopyData corrupts the workbook Bug
CELLSNET-42423 Saving to PDF trims the row data Bug
CELLSNET-45698 Worksheet.AutoFitColumns method cuts off the long text while rendering to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-46661 Less number of pages rendered in PDF as compared to Excel 365 Bug
CELLSNET-46673 File Size problem when converting Excel to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-46632 ChartPoint.Datalabels.ShowValue not working as expected Bug
CELLSNET-46655 Multi-Level Category Axis Labels lost when saving with RefreshChartCache = true Bug
CELLSNET-46665 Excel file is corrupted after calling NSeries.Clear() on Surface charts Bug
CELLSNET-46672 Missing series data when exporting chart to an image Bug
CELLSNET-46627 An issue with Pivot chart pointing Bug
CELLSNET-46640 Horizontal Page Break is lost if the row is empty when saving ODS file Bug
CELLSNET-46643 Named ranges are not copied while copying a column Bug
CELLSNET-46644 HeadingPairs and TitlesOfParts tags are lost Bug
CELLSNET-46651 Excel file corrupted while opening and saving Bug
CELLSNET-46654 Support adding WebExtension Bug
CELLSNET-46662 Problem getting BuiltInDocumentProperties Bug
CELLSNET-46663 Image size changed while converting XLS to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-46667 Hidden rows are fetched while PlotVisibleRows = true Bug
CELLSNET-46668 The dotted line becomes solid when XLSX is saved as ODS Bug
CELLSNET-46669 Shape to image Error when rendering an Excel file to PDF Exception
CELLSNET-46645 Exception raised while calling PivotTable.GetChildrens() Exception
CELLSNET-46675 Exception when opening an XLSX file Exception
CELLSNET-46646 Exception raised by opening the Excel file after updating the chart Exception
CELLSNET-46660 Style.ForegroundColor property throws an exception for certain scenarios Exception
CELLSNET-46688 Exceptions raised while applying styles dynamically Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds APIs for saving Markdown document: SaveFormat.Markdown, FileFormatType.Markdown, MarkdownSaveOptions

Supports to save cells content as markdown table. With Workbook.Save() method, all cell contents in the active sheet will be exported as a table in the markdown document.

Removes obsolete properties of TxtLoadOptions

Please use LoadStyleStrategy property instead of KeepExactFormat.

Removes obsolete class LoadDataOption

Please use LoadFilter class and LoadOptions.LoadFilter property instead.

Removes obsolete properties of LoadOptions

LoadOptions.ConvertNumericData: please use this property with corresponding subclass of LoadOptions, such as TxtLoadOptions. LoadOptions.LoadDataOptions: please use LoadOptions.LoadFilter property with custom implementation of LoadFilter. LoadOptions.LoadDataFilterOptions: please use LoadOptions.LoadFilter.LoadDataFilterOptions instead. LoadOptions.OnlyLoadDocumentProperties: please use LoadOptions.LoadFilter.LoadDataFilterOptions=LoadDataFilterOptions.DocumentProperties. LoadOptions.LoadDataAndFormatting/LoadDataOnly: please use LoadOptions.LoadFilter.LoadDataFilterOptions=LoadDataFilterOptions.CellData | LoadDataFilterOptions.DefinedNames.

Adds PdfSaveOptions.ExportDocumentStructure property

Gets or sets a value determining whether or not to export document structure.

Adds classes of Aspose.Cells.WebExtensions namespace

Represents the WebExtensions and WebExtensionTasks.

Adds WorksheetCollection.WebExtensions and WorksheetCollection.WebExtensionTaskPanes properties.

Represents all WebExtensions and WebExtensionTasks. 

Adds WebExtensionShape class.

Represents the shape of WebExtension.

Adds Cells.InsertCutCells() method.

Inserts cut cells.

Adds Cells.SetViewColumnWidthPixel method.

Sets the view width of the column.

Adds ThreadedCommentCollection and ThreadedComment classes.

Represents the threaded comment. 

Adds WorksheetCollection.ThreadedCommentAuthors property.

Gets and sets the authors of threaded comments.

Adds Comment.ThreadedComments property.

Represents the threaded comments on the comment.

Add CommentCollection.AddThreadedComment() and CommentCollection.GetThreadedComments() methods.

Adds and gets the threaded comments.

Add Chart.SubTitle property.

Gets the chart’s sub-title. Only for ODS format file.