Aspose.Cells for .NET 20.7 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-47432 Add FilterString() criteria support New Feature
CELLSNET-47410 Incorrect sheet type returned for International Macro Sheet New Feature
CELLSNET-47463 Support loop over all the PivotFields with a regular for each loop Enhancement
CELLSNET-47408 Investigate issues on loading two files synchronize in Enhancement
CELLSNET-47441 Form Control Links Removed in office 365 Enhancement
CELLSNET-47473 Check whether the struct or window of the workbook is protected with a password. Enhancement
CELLSNET-47433 Worksheet.Cells.RemoveDuplicates does not work or takes too much time. Performance
CELLSNET-46753 WorkbookDesigner.Process() hangs for large data Performance
CELLSNET-47379 HTML to Excel Conversion - Borders are missing when defined in CSS Bug
CELLSNET-47394 Chart legend containing dates have a different format in PDF output Bug
CELLSNET-47400 Conditional Format different from the one that is set in Excel Bug
CELLSNET-47402 Pivot tables not refreshed Bug
CELLSNET-47404 Chinese characters are unreadable when loading the .mht file. Bug
CELLSNET-47411 Failed to create a copy of XLSB Bug
CELLSNET-47427 Content is shifted when exporting to HTML Bug
CELLSNET-47471 CellAreas of Conditional formats are not correct after refreshing and calculating PivotTable Bug
CELLSNET-47426 Incorrect value of data validation rule Bug
CELLSNET-47456 GetValidation().IgnoreBlank is not working Bug
CELLSNET-47472 Performance issue with setting shared formula feature in newer versions Bug
CELLSNET-47443 Autofilters not working properly in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop Bug
CELLSNET-47460 Printing GridWeb on recent Firefox (versions: 77 and 78) not working Bug
CELLSNET-47461 Selecting multiple cells in GridWeb not working on latest versions of Firefox Bug
CELLSNET-47417 The cell height is insufficient in Excel to PDF rendering Bug
CELLSNET-47437 PDF converted from XLS raises an error in Acrobat Reader Bug
CELLSNET-47423 Value axis and category axis labels in charts are not rendered in Excel to PDF conversion Bug
CELLSNET-47429 Sunburst chart with custom fill color and no data labels throws an error in ToImage method Bug
CELLSNET-47438 Scatter chart color Excel to PDF conversion Bug
CELLSNET-47401 Table values changed after deleting rows Bug
CELLSNET-47407 Merged files are corrupted. Bug
CELLSNET-47412 Incorrect chart type returned for some charts Bug
CELLSNET-47413 Missing chart title for some charts Bug
CELLSNET-47415 CopyRows does not use destination named range values in formulae Bug
CELLSNET-47420 Different results of ChartType.Line in XLS and XLSX Bug
CELLSNET-47425 Conditional formatting rule priority incorrect for type DataBar Bug
CELLSNET-47430 Pasting formatting of a range resulted in an empty range pasted in the destination Bug
CELLSNET-47431 Changing Cells number formatting unexpectedly adds borders Bug
CELLSNET-47435 Error while updating parameter in DataMashup > PowerQueryFormula Bug
CELLSNET-47444 Wrong series name read from Waterfall chart Bug
CELLSNET-47447 Number format of chart Axis cannot be retrieved Bug
CELLSNET-47454 Different line heights at the same value in pixels Bug
CELLSNET-47459 Chart’s size is changed after converting back from .xlsx to .xlsb Bug
CELLSNET-47462 Error while importing JSON to Excel Bug
CELLSNET-47465 Table’s style lost when saving XLS file Bug
CELLSNET-47477 Smart makers FieldName has a dot Bug
CELLSNET-47439 Null reference exception when applying style Exception
CELLSNET-47446 Invalid start row index when removing worksheet Exceptions
CELLSNET-47466 NullReferenceException on loading XLSX Exceptions
CELLSNET-47476 Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception when loading XLSX Exceptions

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds Cells.RemoveDuplicates() method.

Overloaded method of Cells.RemoveDuplicates(…) for user’s convenience to remove duplicated rows in the whole sheet.

Adds TickLabels.DisplayNumberFormat property.

Gets and sets the display number format of tick labels.

Adds Cells.GetViewRowHeight() and Cells.GetViewRowHeightInch() method.

Gets the view row height.

Adds enum SheetType.InternationalMacro.

Adds new sheet type: international macro.

Adds PivotFieldCollection.GetEnumerator() method.

Gets an enumerator over the elements in this collection in the proper sequence.

Adds PivotItemCollection.GetEnumerator() method.

Gets an enumerator over the elements in this collection in the proper sequence.

Adds Workbook.IsWorkbookProtectedWithPassword property.

Indicates whether the structure and window is protected with a password.

Add PowerQueryFormulaParameters and PowerQueryFormulaParameter classes

Represents the power query formula parameters.