Aspose.Cells for .NET 21.8 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-48470 Support scaling of worksheet pages when exporting files to HTML New Feature
CELLSNET-41286 Support XML Maps New Feature
CELLSNET-45255 Support for Apple’s .numbers? file format New Feature
CELLSNET-47737 Support for reading latest Apples .numbers file format New Feature
CELLSNET-48205 Add Auto-fill (pattern) handle MS Excel feature for numbers, text or Dates, etc. New Feature
CELLSNET-48435 Merge more empty spaces in output html. Enhancement
CELLSNET-46412 License is not working in release version of MVC application when deployed on IIS server Enhancement
CELLSNET-47888 Appropriate SmartMarkers required to achieve the desired output Enhancement
CELLSNET-48452 Support reading image form numbers 09 files. Enhancement
CELLSNET-48372 Hang on save to html for the XLSB file Performance
CELLSNET-48091 Object with rotation is distorted. Bug
CELLSNET-48173 Shift in the texts in the diagram shapes Bug
CELLSNET-48241 The text position in the pentagon shape is wrong Bug
CELLSNET-48247 The bending arrow disappears when converting to pdf. Bug
CELLSNET-48363 The position of the rich text is repeatedly calculated, causing the text to shift upward. Bug
CELLSNET-47839 Shape to image Error when saving XLSX to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-48312 Problem with the zoom level in output html. Bug
CELLSNET-48329 Picture alignment issue when exporting range to HTML Bug
CELLSNET-48333 Table Columns in range with bottom alignment are combined in converted HTML Bug
CELLSNET-48365 Slicers created from pivot table basefields not working Bug
CELLSNET-48359 Macros are removed after migration from XLS to XLSM Bug
CELLSNET-48448 The chart data source with named range is not parsed correctly Bug
CELLSNET-47369 Chart point missing and shape squeezed in generated EMF image Bug
CELLSNET-48497 The generated xlsx file is broken after linking cell to XmlMap Bug
CELLSNET-48132 Issue when modifying data label position of Doughnut Chart Bug
CELLSNET-48385 XLSX to TIFF: Graph bars are not rendered in output Bug
CELLSNET-48386 Wrong font name for category axis tick label font name Bug
CELLSNET-48503 Axis title alignment is shift in the output pdf Bug
CELLSNET-48509 Chart sometimes does not appear based on legend position Bug
CELLSNET-48374 The picture inserted into an excel document is resized when the default font is changed Bug
CELLSNET-48384 Setting Array to Range.Value : it goes outside or out of bounds of the range area Bug
CELLSNET-48410 Auto aligning to center when passing a list of strings with Smart Markers Bug
CELLSNET-48460 PowerQueries are lost after replacement Bug
CELLSNET-48478 XML file contents are not loaded Bug
CELLSNET-48492 Problem with 100% Stacked Bar and the major unit and minor unit Bug
CELLSNET-48504 Invalid column index when converting XLSX Bug
CELLSNET-48512 Clearing AutoFilter not working properly Bug
CELLSNET-48477 PivotTable.CalculateData method throws exception Exception
CELLSNET-48395 Shape to image raise exception in docker enviroment for the file Display.xlsx Exception
CELLSNET-48367 Exception thrown when PlotArea width is 0 Exception
CELLSNET-48172 “Shape to image error” while converting Excel file to PDF Exception
CELLSNET-48490 “Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.” exception when open XLS file Exception
CELLSNET-48545 Exception raised while calling Shape.UpdateSelectedValue() Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds AbstractInterruptMonitor class.

Provides AbstractInterruptMonitor as the base of implementations for interruption monitor. The InterruptMonitor class now becomes one implementation of it. The type of InterruptMonitor properties for LoadOptions and Workbook now become AbstractInterruptMonitor too so user can use their own implementation to control the time-consuming operations.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.WorksheetScalable property.

Indicates if zooming in or out the html via worksheet zoom level when saving file to html, the default value is false.

Adds override WorksheetCollection.GetRangeByName() method.

Gets Range object by name from defined names or Tables.

Adds Range.AutoFill() method.

Automatically fills data to the range.

Adds WarningType.IO enum.

Represents the file corrupted warning.