Aspose.Cells for .NET 21.9 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-48134 Support rendering Box & Whisker Excel 2016 Chart to image New Feature
CELLSNET-48683 Delete pivot table while perserving data Enhancement
CELLSNET-48624 Support named range of whole row/column for .ods files Enhancement
CELLSNET-49052 Support setting Transparency of picture for xlsx files. Enhancement
CELLSNETCORE-233 Enhancement for changing threaded comment’s author Enhancement
CELLSNET-49011 Speed up cells iterator access for render for GridDesktop Performance
CELLSNET-48915 Out Of Memory Exception when rendering worksheet to image Performance
CELLSNET-47663 Excel document is not converted to html Performance
CELLSNET-48506 Improve performance for writing .ods file. Performance
CELLSNET-48645 Text inside an arrow shape got the wrong position Bug
CELLSNET-48475 Pivot table refresh does not work properly Bug
CELLSNET-48711 Export the zoomed xlsx to html. Bug
CELLSNET-48998 Modifications to properties get lost or cause it disappear for Slicer object Bug
CELLSNET-48614 Excel filter function does not seem to work properly Bug
CELLSNETCORE-136 Arrowhead does not appear in Linux environment Bug
CELLSNETCORE-137 Arrowhead missing while converting Excel to SVG Bug
CELLSNET-49045 Incorrect cells height observed in GridWeb while loading the attached file Bug
CELLSNET-49069 Aspose.Cells.GridWeb SessionMode not working Bug
CELLSNET-40974 Excel to Xps conversion: link is not clickable after conversion done .NET Bug
CELLSNET-48540 Lines became dotted on data bars in Emf/OfficeCompatibleEmf Bug
CELLSNET-48609 Fonts difference issue while comparing it with the ExcelInterop image Bug
CELLSNET-48983 Sheet to Emf leaves the border edges drawn improperly Bug
CELLSNET-49049 Font is distorted while converting sheet to Emf image with EmfOnly option Bug
CELLSNET-48049 Different axis spacing when converting from xlsx workbook to emf Bug
CELLSNET-48509 Chart sometimes does not appear based on legend position Bug
CELLSNET-48580 Miss Legend entry in the output SVG of Excel chart Bug
CELLSNET-48696 Error in modifying data label color Bug
CELLSNET-48698 Chart color issue when export in PDF Bug
CELLSNET-48797 Mean marker value is error when reading from xlsx Bug
CELLSNET-48455 Autofit row height issue Bug
CELLSNET-48473 AutoFit Column does not working properly Bug
CELLSNET-48605 Add VBA code to workbook produced corrupted results Bug
CELLSNET-48644 Miss rows and watermark when converting XLSX to HTML by page breaks Bug
CELLSNET-48669 Named range of .ods file is read as Table . Bug
CELLSNET-48718 Get wrong embedded object name Bug
CELLSNET-48966 After copying range of cells formulas are lost Bug
CELLSNET-49055 AutoFit columns for Merged cell not working Bug
CELLSNET-49100 Some cells are missing grid lines when exporting to HTML Bug
CELLSNETCORE-149 Copying styles after copying values erases cell values in Excel 97 format Bug
CELLSNETCORE-152 EMF image data cannot be read from XLS file Bug
CELLSNET-48444 Invalid parameter error when converting xlsb to xls file Exception
CELLSNET-48607 Shape to image Error Exception
CELLSNET-48866 Unable to open specific XLSX Excel file into GridDesktop control Exception
CELLSNET-48956 Exception after setting cells style using Cell.SetStyle Exception
CELLSNET-48712 Array out of bound when rendering Box&Whisker chart Exception
CELLSNET-48910 Exception thrown when rendering box&Whisker Chart to image Exception
CELLSNET-48648 Invalid column index when copying a range Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds AutoFitterOptions.FormatStrategy property.

Gets and sets the formatted strategy for auto fitting.

Adds MsoFormatPicture.Transparency property.

Returns or sets the degree of transparency of the area as a value from 0.0 (opaque) through 1.0 (clear).

Adds overloaded PivotTableCollection.Remove() methods.

Deletes the specified PivotTable and checks whether keeping cells' data .

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.IsOptimized property.

Indicates whether optimize the output elements. Default value is false. Currently only the border lines are?optimized when this property is set to true.