Aspose.Cells for .NET 22.9 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-51935 Support discrete group data for xls file New Feature
CELLSNET-51925 Support preset gradient settings for gradient fill New Feature
CELLSNET-51740 Support to set table formula for the datatable Enhancement
CELLSNET-51853 Support to convert ozm to lbm for CONVERT function Enhancement
CELLSNET-51931 Improve the recognization of user’s input for Style.Custom to built-in Enhancement
CELLSNET-51709 Support multiple tables in a worksheet of .Numbers Enhancement
CELLSNET-51810 Support to export empty cells as null to Json Enhancement
CELLSNET-51811 Enhance the function of detecting whether the first row is header row Enhancement
CELLSNET-51910 Support to apply outline borders with ThemeColor to Range Enhancement
CELLSNET-51928 Support reading and writing protected range with SHA-512 algorithm of xlsb Enhancement
CELLSNET-51743 Some symbols changed after converting Excel file to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-51747 mm becomes “??” in pdf Bug
CELLSNET-50960 Re-saved XLSM file (containing a pivot table) got corrupted Bug
CELLSNET-51506 External connections are corrupted in genreated file Bug
CELLSNET-51735 Wrong text bold style on converting Excel pivot table to PDF Bug
CELLSNET-51761 When XLS file with Pivot table is converted to XLSM, the data connections details got deleted Bug
CELLSNET-51899 XLS to XLSM conversion - MS Excel could not open the the output XLSM file Bug
CELLSNET-51716 Dynamic array formula does not populate spilled cells Bug
CELLSNET-51753 Some formulas are not calculated to update the data across the sheets upon changing selection Bug
CELLSNET-51800 Values from XLSX are incorrect in the output PDF Bug
CELLSNET-51801 Recalculation of a workbook is slow after calculating with calculation chain Bug
CELLSNET-51897 HLOOKUP value is incorrect Bug
CELLSNET-51187 Vertical dotted lines misaligned with labels on axis in chart to SVG rendering Bug
CELLSNET-51734 System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs 6.0.1 dependency requires .NET Core 3.1 Bug
CELLSNET-51912 When converting Excel To PDF, the resultant PDF does not show axis correctly Bug
CELLSNET-51744 Gridweb keeps jumping back Bug
CELLSNET-51608 Number is hidden behind red/green circle when exporting Excel to HTML on docker (Azure cloud kubernetes) Bug
CELLSNET-51864 Issue with calculating “PageSetup.Zoom” with HorizontalPageBreaks Bug
CELLSNET-51938 XLSX to PDF: Character spacing is wrong Bug
CELLSNET-51226 Add identifier attribute for chart/group in Excel Workbook Bug
CELLSNET-51461 Unnecessary borders are added for the data in Excel to DOCX conversion Bug
CELLSNET-51736 Cell borders got lost in the resultant PDF Bug
CELLSNET-51738 Invalid record for single cell caused generated file corrupted Bug
CELLSNET-51760 Worksheet.AutoFitColumns is not working right Bug
CELLSNET-51770 Merged Cells does not work fine when saving as PowerPoint file Bug
CELLSNET-51771 Afer cells are merged some data are lost in the generaed PowerPoint file Bug
CELLSNET-51772 Connection info is getting changed when converting XLS file to XLSM Bug
CELLSNET-51778 Converting an XLS file to XLSM is deleting few chars at the end of the link in named ranges Bug
CELLSNET-51785 DOCX » Html table » Excel sheet does not convert properly Bug
CELLSNET-51825 AutoFit worked differently in v22.1.0 and v22.8.0 Bug
CELLSNET-51829 XLS to XLSM file conversion caused some custom properties lost Bug
CELLSNET-51830 Input document stream is prematurely disposed after creating Workbook for particular file Bug
CELLSNET-51865 XLS worksheet has no data while you can see filled rows in Excel Bug
CELLSNET-51880 XLSB to XLSM conversion - the output XLSM file is corrupted Bug
CELLSNET-51898 XLS to XLSM conversion - the output XLSM file is corrupted Bug
CELLSNET-51921 Cannot apply a copied style without setting its flags to explicit or using a flag Bug
CELLSNET-51922 Cell protection is lost after opening and re-saving the XLSX file Bug
CELLSNET-51923 DataTable Column Caption property is not honored and rendered in the output Excel when importing data Bug
CELLSNET-51924 Incorrect locale in chart text elements Bug
CELLSNET-51944 The name of built-in styles does not automaitcally change according to region Bug
CELLSNET-51848 Calculating workbook throws Stackoverflow exception Exception
CELLSNET-51965 Exception when importing an XLSX file with Accounting formatting into Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop Exception
CELLSNET-51961 Exception “Index was out of range” when rendering an ODS to PDF Exception
CELLSNET-51863 System.StackOverflowException in CollectionBase.Exists Exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds Cell.SetTableFormula(…) methods

Support to set formulas for range of cells to create two-variable data table and one-variable data table.

Adds Cell.SetDynamicArrayFormula(string arrayFormula, FormulaParseOptions options, object[][] values, bool calculateRange, bool calculateValue, CalculationOptions copts) method

Support to set dynamic array formula with custom options for calculation, especially when there are functions which need user’s custom engine for calculation in the formula.

Adds Workbook.RefreshDynamicArrayFormulas(bool calculate, CalculationOptions copts) method

Support to refresh dynamic array formulas with custom options for calculation, especially when there are functions which need user’s custom engine for calculation functions in the dynamic array formulas.

Adds ChartFrame.TextOptions property.

Represents the font options of the chart’s text.

Adds ExportRangeToJsonOptions.ExportEmptyCells property.

Indicates whether exporting null if the cells are empty.

Add NumbersLoadOptions constructor.

Represents the options of loading numbers.

Adds enum LoadNumbersTableType.

Represnts the type of loading multi tables in a worksheet of the Mac .numbers.

Adds ProtectedRange.IsProtectedWithPassword property.

Inidicates whether the range is protected with password.

Adds ImportTableOptions.ExportCaptionAsFieldName properties

Indicates whether exporting caption as field name when importing data table.

Adds TextOptions.LanguageCode property.

Gets and sets the language code of the font.

Adds enum PresetThemeGradientType.

Represents the preset theme gradient type.

Adds GradientFill.SetPresetThemeGradient() method.

Sets the preset theme gradient type.

Adds override Style.SetBorder() methods.

Sets the borders with various kinds of color.

Adds Range.SetOutlineBorder() and Range.SetOutlineBorders() methods

Sets the borders of the range with various kinds of color.