Aspose.Cells for .NET 4.9.0 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NET v!

What’s changed in Aspose.Cells:

  • Calculates formulas that exceed Excel2003 row/column limitation  
  • Supports MS Excel 2010 Sparklines.
  • Implements 3D effects on charts      
  • Removes Duplicate values    
  • Supports Allow Users to Edit Ranges           
  • The Formula Calculation Engine is enhanced          
  • Detects and removes connections to external data  
  • Sets linked picture in xlsx file 
  • Includes ICustomTypeDesciptor as data source of smart markers 
  • External linked source data in Chart to Image feature is supported 
  • MS Excel 2007 external page setup options in xls file are supported           
  • Specifies HTML content as the cell’s value or comment’s note
  • 112 fixes and other enhancements.

(Note: Aspose.Cells.Charts class is renamed to Aspose.Cells.ChartCollection class.)

What’s changed in Aspose.Cells.GridWeb:

  • Adds new date formats: “M/d/yy”, “MM/dd/yyyy” and “”
  • Sets error message in the cell’s title when validation is failed at client side
  • Gets column name for a cell at client side
  • Saves Excel files to stream or loads Excel files from stream
  • Supports new functions: INDEX, LOOKUP, MATCH
  • 8 fixes and other enhancements.

What’s changed in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop:

  • Sets “MM/DD/YYYY” and “M/D/YYYY” date formats with Format Cells dialog box
  • Imports CSV file format
  • Supports formulas: LOOKUP, MATCH
  • 3 fixes and other enhancements.

Issues Resolved in Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.9.0