Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.1.0 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce Aspose.Cells for .NETv7.1.0!

\1) Aspose.Cells

New Features

  • Support to apply Conditional Formatting to Pivot Tables
  • Read configuration of Group Fields in Pivot Tables


  • NullReferenceException when opening document with auto-formatted Pivot Table
  • Pivot Table’s filtering in MS Excel 2007 and later versions
  • Chart’s formatting issue
  • Copying worksheet does not work
  • Smart Marker Tags conversion
  • Missing properties (Pivot Table)

-Missing properties (Pivot Field)

-PivotField.ShowCompact - Incorrect property value in XLS format

-Pivot Field’s incorrect items value in the grouped fields

-Reading items from cache (Pivot Field)

  • Problems opening a SpreadsheetML file


  • Performance issue on adding range names
  • Memory exception and formula calculations on cells


  • Unable to copy a particular worksheet into another workbook

-Pivot table throws exception while refreshing

  • ListBox with assigned Input range causes Aspose.Cells crush


-Failed to refresh pivot table in an Excel workbook

  • Problem with default paper size
  • Dirty right border on image when converting XLS to PDF
  • Workbook.CalculateFormula() method bug
  • Multiple issues found while upgrading from v5.2.1.0 to v7.0.3.0
  • Unable to include Row/Column Headings and Comments in the TIFF file
  • Excel-to-Html - word-wrap problem
  • Button’s font attributes are changed after Save
  • Chart’s legend becomes shrunk using Shape.UpperLeftRow() method
  • Error in the output PDF document
  • Multi-line Headers not supported while rendering to PDF file
  • Reading all data from the base fields of Pivot Table
  • Exporting Excel sheet to DataTable gives error
  • Opening ODS files issue
  • Cell border is not rendered properly with Aspose.Cells v7.0.4.x

-Formula results in #Ref

  • XLS file crashes MS Excel 2007
  • Error opening file using Ms Excel
  • Problem with HTML output in the new Aspose.Cells DLL (version) 

-Updating XLSX file with Pivot Table causes Excel to display error

-ToImage function generating extra column in the generated image (Sheet-to-Imageissue)

  • Excel 2007 workbook with multiple colored tables is not rendered in theconverted PDF file

-Using the Fitting Sheet on One Page option in Excel to convert to PDF does notseem to work

  • Multiple issues while upgrading from v5.2.1.0 to v7.0.3.0

\2) Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop

New Features

  • MS Excel’s Grouping Data feature while importing to the GridDesktop

\3) Aspose.Cells.GridWeb


  • Importing an XLSX file to the GridWeb issues 
  • Formula does not work well