Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.7.1 Release Notes

Aspose.Cells for .NET has been updated to version 7.7.1 and we are pleased to announce this release brings the addition of over 80 new useful improvements. Using Aspose.Cells for .NET you can work with XLS, SpreadsheetML,OOXML,XLSB, CSV, HTML, ODS, PDF, XPS and other formats in your applications. You can also view, generate, modify, convert, render and print workbooks all without using Microsoft Excel. Visit the documentation to learn how to get started with Aspose.Cells for .NET. Note this download contains a fully working version of the product, however without a license set it will run in evaluation mode with some limitations. To test Aspose.Cells without these evaluation limitations you can request a free 30-day temporary license. The following is a list of changes in this version of Aspose.Cells.

\1) Aspose.Cells

Major Features

Supports reading large files with LightCells

Rework of reading and writing pivot table of xlsb

Minor Features

New Features

(CELLSNET-42116) - Calculate Min and Max values for DataBars Conditional Formatting

(CELLSNET-40910) - Read large MS Excel files in light cells mode - (LightCells API)

(CELLSNET-42230) - Render Conditional Formatting Data Bars with negative values in Sheet to Image feature

(CELLSNET-42229) - Render cells without colors as transparent cells in the Sheet to Image feature

(CELLSNET-42243) - Support BitAnd function

(CELLSNET-40679) - Change the color of all the cells which have some specific color


(CELLSNET-42247) - Conditional formatting on PivotTable is lost when processed with Aspose.Cells

(CELLSNET-42228) - Embedding DOC file into an XSLX format does not start MS Word to load the embedded DOC

Other Improvements and Changes


(CELLSNET-42220) - Issue with rendering Arrow shape in the output PDF file

(CELLSNET-42139) - Cell.GetDisplayStyle() is not working for TOP 10% and BOTTOM 10% conditional formattings

(CELLSNET-40904) - Wrong color used in the image when rendering from Excel picture

(CELLSNET-42249) - Aspose.Cells corrupts the XLSB file

(CELLSNET-42217) - MS Excel shows “Unreadable Contents” message

(CELLSNET-42184) - Unicode/Double byte/JPN - HTML conversion issues

(CELLSNET-42149) - Excel PivotTable RemoveField problem

(CELLSNET-42031) - MS Excel 2003 Report conversion to Excel 2010

(CELLSNET-41363) - PivotField issue - Incorrect ‘Repeat item labels’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41362) - PivotField issue - Incorrect ‘IsCalculatedField’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41361) - PivotField issue - Incorrect state of the sorting fields (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41346) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘Sort A to Z’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41345) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘Report filter fileds per row/column’ value (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41344) - PivotTable - Missed values for ‘AltTextTitle’ and ‘AltTextDescription’ fields (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41343) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘Number of items to retain per field’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41342) - PivotTable - Missed value for ‘RowHeaderCaption’ field (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41341) - PivotTable - Missed value of data source for Pivot Tables with multiple consolidation ranges (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41340) - PivotTable - Incorrect indent value

(CELLSNET-41339) - Incorrect ‘Row/Column Headers’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41338) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘Use Custom Lists when sorting’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41337) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘AutoFormat’ value (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41336) - PivotField - Incorrect ‘Include new items in manual filter’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41335) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘Enable cell editing in the values area’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41332) - PivotTable - Incorrect ranges (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41331) - PivotTable - Incorrect Grand Total state for row/col (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41330) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘Allow multiple filters per field’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-41329) - PivotTable - Incorrect ‘Show the Values row’ state (*.xlsb)

(CELLSNET-42232) - Multiline cells are truncated when transformed to images (Sheet to Image)

(CELLSNET-42231) - Export to PDF - Multiline text is cut off and overlapped in the cells

(CELLSNET-42227) - XLSX to PDF: Result does not have Left and Right margins

(CELLSNET-42158) - Issue with Databars having negative value in conditional formatting

(CELLSNET-41964) - Rendering only the third page into tiff without following the sequence does not work

(CELLSNET-41847) - Data loss and incorrect label alignment issue when Excel file is converted to PDF format

(CELLSNET-42112) - PDF generation formatting issue with the data

(CELLSNET-42266) - Title rows coming twice on the first page in the output pdf

(CELLSNET-42097) - PDF generation - Data formating problem

(CELLSNET-41435) - Vertical cell alignment not kept when rendering Excel to PNG image for conditionally formatted cells

(CELLSNET-42267) - Cannot get the image of a chart

(CELLSNET-42221) - Rendering Arrow issue in the output HTML file format

(CELLSNET-41892) - Regression in the quality of SheetRender.ToImage with transparencies

(CELLSNET-41834) - Possible bug in transparency of a Column chart

(CELLSNET-41438) - ToTiff function Issues for charts' rendering (Extended)

(CELLSNET-40901) - SheetRender draws TextBox contents bold

(CELLSNET-42275) - Autofit Row height issue in MS Excel 2007

(CELLSNET-42273) - Combining Worksheets reset the Table names

(CELLSNET-42242) - Wrap text format is not copied correctly when using Worksheet.Copy method

(CELLSNET-42241) - Small column widths are not copied correctly when using Worksheet.Copy Method

(CELLSNET-42239) - Overlapping styles issue

(CELLSNET-42238) - The linked cell is not updated from the dropdown list

(CELLSNET-42236) - Images height changes even though their height is fixed in SmartMarker tags

(CELLSNET-42225) - Conditional formatting problem in XPS file format

(CELLSNET-42135) - Conditional formatting evaluation is incorrect

(CELLSNET-42119) - Conditional formatting Iconset doesn’t return the right icons

(CELLSNET-42113) - Image is getting shorter when Worksheet.AutoFitRows() method is called

(CELLSNET-41918) - Aspose Cells corrupts XLSB workbooks containing embedded objects

(CELLSNET-41852) - The four cells A1-D1 differ in “0 VS blank”

(CELLSNET-41824) - Pivot table not resizing enough for some date columns

(CELLSNET-41789) - Save As XLSX by Aspose.Cells and Open Xml SDK issue

(CELLSNET-41636) - Conditional formatting isn’t maintained after saving an XLSX file

(CELLSNET-41595) - Signature Line feature lost when saving workbook with Aspose Cells

(CELLSNET-41355) - XLSX character formatting is not working

(CELLSNET-41240) - Setting Chart.Name and Title result in a corrupt output file

(CELLSNET-40908) - Save causes font settings to disappear

(CELLSNET-40789) - Formatting lost upon Saving Workbook

(CELLSNET-40527) - Border style and background changes when converting an XML Spreadsheet to XLSX file format

(CELLSNET-40321) - “PageSetup.FirstPageNumber” property is not used for printing or rendering to PDF format

(CELLSNET-40216) - Excel date formatting and string value are lost when we convert via Aspose.Cells component

(CELLSNET-40120) - Results of formula in Aspose differs from the results in MS Excel


(CELLSNET-42253) - Error with loading specific Excel file

(CELLSNET-42234) - Problem with loading an HTML file

(CELLSNET-42257) - A generic error occurred in GDI+, while converting XLSX to PDF

(CELLSNET-41299) - Need enhancements for invalid file exception

\2) Aspose.Cells Grid Suite

Other Improvements and Changes


(CELLSNET-42270) - Null Reference Exception in GridDesktop.ImportExcelFile()

(CELLSNET-42244) - Out of memory exception

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Dropped Support for .NET Framework 1.1

Starting with this release Aspose.Cells is no longer distributed with a DLL for use in the .NET Framework 1.1. Support for this version of the framework was dropped in order to better facilitate features and fixes as it is difficult to add some features to this older version of the framework.

Adds a new property ImageOrPrintOptions.Transparent

It indicates whether the background of generated images(converting worksheet to image) is transparent .

Adds a new property Shape.ControlData

It’s used to get the binary data of control.

Deletes obsoleted method Worksheet.Move

Adds FindOptions.Style property

Supports searching cells by formatting.

Adds FindOptions.ConvertNumericData property

Supports whether converting the searched string value to numeric data.

Adds AutoFitterOptions.MaxRowHeight

Sets the max row height(in unit of Point) when autofitting rows.

Adds a method Clear() to PivotFieldCollection

It’s used to remove all pivot fields in the list.

Obsoletes OleFileType and OleObject.FileType

It’s replaced by FileFormatType

Processes template files in LightCells mode

To support processing template file in LightCells mode