Aspose.Cells for .NET 8.8.1 Release Notes

1) Aspose.Cells

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-41817 Setting text effect to Offset in Rectangle Shape New Feature 
CELLSNET-44407 Border thickness is reduced while rendering when Print Area passes through the cells sharing the border Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44413 Make the default value of WorkbookSettings.IsDefaultEncrypted as false Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44392 Aspose.Cells.xml is missing in the “.\Bin\net4.0” folder Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44291 Optimize the code to make hidden empty columns and rows more efficient Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44417 API hangs while converting a corrupted & infected spreadsheet to PDF Performance
CELLSNET-44088 Icons for the conditional formatting rules do not render to HTML Bug 
CELLSNET-44263 Formatting is lost while importing HTML as XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44427 ISO 8601 format dates are being treated as strings instead of dates Bug 
CELLSNET-44414 Problem with large images during conversion from Excel to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44341 Wrong row heights using AutoFitRows with AutoFitMergedCells option on for Chinese and English words in the cells Bug 
CELLSNET-44309 Parenthesis not shown rotated in the output PDF (Excel to PDF conversion) Bug 
CELLSNET-44302 SheetRender.ToImage not rendering cells border Bug 
CELLSNET-43237 Vertical Symbols are not rendered correctly when converting spreadsheets to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-41907 Some of vertical text still cannot be shown properly in the converted PDF file Bug 
CELLSNET-44405 Chart image has the “Your Organization” series at 0% even though it is set to 50% Bug 
CELLSNET-44404 Worksheet.Copy method is not copying charts correctly Bug 
CELLSNET-44398 EMF rendering of chart does not work properly in newer version Bug 
CELLSNET-44397 Chart to Image rendering - Text (Data Labels) is more bold than in the original chart Bug 
CELLSNET-44387 Image generated using Chart.ToImage is incorrect Bug 
CELLSNET-44365 Part of data series label missing for specific chart generated as image using aspose.cells Bug 
CELLSNET-44426 Setting ImportOptions.ConvertNumericData = true results in values with ‘<’ or ‘>’ digit are not displayed Bug 
CELLSNET-44408 Problem with data validation drop-down/list entries containing a comma Bug 
CELLSNET-44403 Background watermark is removed while saving XLS to XLSX Bug 
CELLSNET-44402 ExternalLink returned wrong DataSource with extended path Bug 
CELLSNET-44394 Smart Marker grouping is broken in newer version Bug 
CELLSNET-44390 Problem with the Group attribute of Smart Markers - All data is not being processed Bug 
CELLSNET-44388 Named cells on different worksheet corrupts the workbook Bug 
CELLSNET-44379 Chart labels disappear after re-saving the spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSNET-44329 Different saved Pdf file page sizes for selected or not selected cells in the Excel file Bug 
CELLSNET-44400 Text is trimmed when charts tick label is long while rendering worksheet to image Bug 
CELLSNET-44401 Rotated TextBox is misplaced when rendering worksheet to image Bug 
CELLSNET-44420 Error opening Excel2003XML file in Aspose.Cells Exception 
CELLSNET-44393 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException with merged Aspose.Cells Assembly using ILMerge Exception 
CELLSNET-44389 System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format, at WorkbookDesigner.Process Exception 

2) Aspose.Cells Grid Suite

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-42313 Support reading Data Validation in Excel file - Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop New Feature 
CELLSNET-44267 Issue with Lazy loading when setting EnableAsync attribute while scrolling in GridWeb control Enhancement 
CELLSNET-41793 Down arrow is not working properly after cell merge Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44424 Select highlight is not correct in GridWeb Bug 
CELLSNET-44364 Formatting of the cell changes after clicking the cell on GridWeb Bug 
CELLSNET-44343 GridDesktop does not show the dropdown while loading spreadsheet Bug 
CELLSNET-44409 Exception when importing an Excel file into GridWeb Exception 

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds WorkbookSettings.PaperSize property.

It’s used to set paper size of the default printer as default paper size of the workbook.

Adds LoadDataFilterOptions class and LoadOptions.LoadDataFilterOptions property.

It’s used to specify which kind of data should be loaded when building the workbook from template file. Filtering loaded data can improve the performance for user’s special purpose, especially when using LightCells APIs.

Adds Worksheet.CalculateFormula(string formula, CalculationOptions opts) method.

It’s used to calculate given formula directly with user custom options.

Adds classes of namespace Aspose.Cells.Drawing.Texts.

It’s used to set the properties of the shape’s text font.

Obsoleted Shape.TextFrame property.

Use Shape.TextBody.TextAlignment property instead.

Adds Shape.TextBody property.

Presents the setting of the shape’s text.

Adds GridCell.CreateValidation(GridValidationType validationType, bool isRequired) method.

Creates a validation object for a grid cell.

Adds GridCell.RemoveValidation() method.

Removes the validation object from a grid cell.

Adds Chart.ToPdf(System.IO.Stream stream) method.

Adds saving chart to PDF as a stream.