Aspose.Cells for .NET 8.9.0 Release Notes

1) Aspose.Cells

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-44574 Support expanding text from right to left when exporting file to HTML  New Feature 
CELLSNET-44561 Ability to set Default Font while rendering spreadsheet to HTML New Feature 
CELLSNET-44562 Ability to set Default Font while rendering spreadsheet to images New Feature 
CELLSNET-44552 Refreshing Pivot Table throws exception Bug 
CELLSNET-44542 Excel file is not properly rendering into HTML file format Bug 
CELLSNET-44541 Contents overlap while converting spreadsheet to HTML Bug 
CELLSNET-44520 Pivot Field’s dropdown is missing after re-saving XLSX as XLSB Bug 
CELLSNET-44518 Spreadsheet becomes corrupted after re-saving XLSX as XLSB Bug 
CELLSNET-44501 Refreshing and Calculating Data on existing Pivot Table generates corrupt Excel file Bug 
CELLSNET-44447 Chart.ToImage is generating incorrect image Bug 
CELLSNET-43656 Some text items are slightly truncated in the output HTML Bug 
CELLSNET-44590 Problem exporting Excel to PDF with special characters in the header and footer Bug 
CELLSNET-44517 Vertical alignment wrong when generating range to image using SheetRender.ToImage Bug 
CELLSNET-44589 Aspose.Cells generated EMF shows incorrect axis labels when inserted into Word document and converted to PDF Bug 
CELLSNET-44586 Less than single spacing doesn’t export to PDF properly Bug 
CELLSNET-44564 Chart’s EMF generated under Session 0 does not display all the contents Bug 
CELLSNET-44559 Chart.HasAxis is showing wrong value Bug 
CELLSNET-44538 Empty PNG 0KB file generated while converting XLSX to HTML Bug 
CELLSNET-44591 Cells.ClearContents removes the formula for the cells below the specified range Bug 
CELLSNET-44577 Issue with Worksheet.Copy() - All comments after IV column are missing in the copied sheet Bug 
CELLSNET-44573 Pictures in worksheets copied from an external XLSX are not sized the same as originals Bug 
CELLSNET-44571 Copying workbook into new workbook produced unreadable content error Bug 
CELLSNET-44568 TextBox in the chart is lost while copying Workbooks Bug 
CELLSNET-44567 Chart colors are lost while copying workbook Bug 
CELLSNET-44545 Formula results in “#NAME” error after copying the rows and calculating formulas Bug 
CELLSNET-44544 Formula is replaced by 0 after copying the rows and calculating formulas Bug 
CELLSNET-44543 The fill format of shape is lost when converting the file to HTML  Bug 
CELLSNET-41153 Printing zone is moved a bit using latest versions of the product Bug 
CELLSNET-44599 Showing total for list object with only 1 record corrupts the workbook Bug 
CELLSNET-44598 Incorrect ListObject size after ShowTotals set to false Bug 
CELLSNET-44563 Exception: “Input string was not in a correct format.” when loading an HTML file format Exception 
CELLSNET-44560 Problem with saving a workbook Exception 
CELLSNET-44558 ArgumentNullException at WorksheetCollection.GetNamedRanges method Exception 
CELLSNET-44588 ArgumentOutOfRangeException while calling AutoFitColumns() on a worksheet Exception 
CELLSNET-44556 Exception occurred when saving an Excel document Exception 
CELLSNET-44554 CellsException: error in Cell: C2-Length cannot be less than zero, at Workbook ctor Exception 
CELLSNET-44546 Exception: “Invalid password” while opening an encrypted Excel XLS file by Aspose.Cells APIs Exception 

2) Aspose.Cells Grid Suite

Key Summary Category
CELLSNET-44515 Add/Remove context menu items in Aspose.Cells.GridWeb New Feature 
CELLSNET-44565 Support CellsHelper.GetVersion() API for GridWeb Enhancement 
CELLSNET-44583 GridWeb control’s height grows on scrolling down post back Bug 
CELLSNET-44580 Scrollbar moves down on IE11 and sometimes GridWeb loses grid formatting Bug 
CELLSNET-44550 Paging is not working after specifying the Session storage path - Aspose.Cells.GridWeb Bug 
CELLSNET-44547 Gridweb changes layout when page index is changed Bug 
CELLSNET-44539 Gridweb is not refreshing after scrolling or page change because of registering Telerik RadAjaxManager control Bug 
CELLSNET-44537 Layout problem of Dropdown in GridWeb Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following is a list of any changes made to the public API such as added, renamed, removed or deprecated members as well as any non-backward compatible change made to Aspose.Cells for .NET. If you have concerns about any change listed, please raise it on the Aspose.Cells support forum.

Adds HtmlSaveOptions.DefaultFontName property

Specifies the default font name while exporting HTML, the default font will be used  when the font of style does not exist. If this property is null, Aspose.Cells will use universal font which has the same family with the original font, the default value is null.

Adds PivotTable.IsExcel2003Compatible property

Specifies whether the PivotTable is compatible for Excel2003 when refreshing PivotTable. If true, a string must be less than or equal to 255 characters, so if the string is greater than 255 characters, it will be truncated. If false, a string will not have the aforementioned restriction. The default value is true.

Adds ImageOrPrintOptions.DefaultFont property

When characters in the Excel are unicode and not to be set with correct font in cell style, They may appear as block in PDF and image. Set the DefaultFont such as MingLiu or MS Gothic to show these characters. If this property is not set, Aspose.Cells will use System’s default font to show these unicode characters.

Adds GetVersion method in GridWeb.

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